Designed Workplaces for all

Lamex is a leader, a pioneer, and an innovator. We have grown from our humble beginnings as a Hong Kong based company to become the leading player in China. Throughout the past 38 years, Lamex has always been at the forefront of change. We understand change, we define change, and we lead change.

In 2006 Lamex made history as the first Chinese office furniture company to be part of a listing company on the NYSE. Lamex become a member of HNI Corp, the second biggest office furniture manufacturer in the world. Together Lamex and HNI became the first and only furniture company in China to have a combined history over 100 years.

Lamex designs workplace products and solutions tailored for Asia helping companies who compete for talent in this market and enabling end users who demand and deserve healthy work and effective environments. Our ultimate goal is to provide innovative solutions that our customers can address these and other challenges as world transitions from the industrial era to a knowledge-based era.

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