The Avail Open Office Story

Space + Focus + Communication + Collaboration
= Productivity = Profit

We believe the right workplace amplifies the potential of any business.
By enabling workstations to adapt, spaces to flow intuitively, and shared and private spaces to
balance evenly, we enable better communication and provide a sense of harmony that
leads to higher productivity, happier people and healthier profits.

Better workplaces create better lives for the people within them.
And better lives build better businesses. Because good things happen when people are brought
together in the right ways, and a dynamic work space make a dynamic work force.

The needs of the workplace have evolved. In the past, workers were walled in, movements were restricted and
collaborative spaces were minimal. Today’s workplaces must address the needs of
productive people – ample space, natural light, and the freedom to think, converse and be spontaneous.

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