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Shenzhen MexVi - Lamex Dealer

​Shenzhen MexVi Trading Co., Ltd was originated from Lamex Shenzhen branch, and entered the Shenzhen market in 1990 to promote quality office furniture.

The company was founded in 2002 and has been the dealer of Lamex in Shenzhen ever since.

We have 46 employers and a professional team with 10 years of experience. Our service structure is mature and complete, covering sales, customer service, graphics and project supervision.

After several decades of work, we have built a sound reputation in Shenzhen and have established friendly partnership with customers from different industries, such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Huawei Technologies, Global Sources, China Customs, Lenovo Group, Guangdong Mobile, Samsung, Maoye Group, DBS, Rheinland, GE, etc.

Shenzhen MexVi Trading Co., Ltd.

Address mm_20_orange.png No.707-709, Block B, Pacific Business Trading Building, No.4028 Jiabin Road, Shenzhen
​Tel 4000708809
​Sales Hotline  
Fax​ 0755 82136706