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Wuhan Meishimeike - Lamex Dealer

​In July 2011, Lamex’s dealer network joined in a new member, Wuhan Meishimeike Furniture Co., Ltd. It is the exclusive dealer of Dongguan Lamex Furniture Co., Ltd in Hubei (Central China). Wuhan Lamex has experienced rapid development owing to its efforts. The company soon gets familiar with Lamex’s product information, operates management and corporate culture, and communicates with and learns from dealers in other regions on a regular basis.

Wuhan Lamex pays attention to nurturing talents, and it is fully aware of the importance of an excellent team to the brand competitiveness. It focuses on cultivating individual talents as well as promoting team growth, nurturing inheritors of expertise and service, and teams who can assume social responsibility, for the industry and the whole society. Wuhan Lamex has a detailed labor division, with an integrated team in market development, sales, design, operations, finance, administration, and engineering. Its management strives to create personalized development space for each employer.

Wuhan Lamex has insights of market, plays actively in the competition among different high-end office buildings, participates in the bidding of some major projects, and listens to customer’s need. It timely offers office furniture solutions that are optimized constantly, improves its service quality, and provides customers with cost-effective products and service; from customer’s personalized features, the company recommends Lamex products that combine function with style, and puts forward the sales concept of “purchase after experience”; at the same time, it introduces Lamex’s lean production and 6S management to its customers.

Pre-sales: professional consulting, site survey, spatial planning, free computer simulation design, offer of professional and perfect proposal, physical display, factory tour

During sales: quality, delivery guarantee, secure storage and distribution,  timely delivery and accurate installation

After-sales: formulate customer profile, regular telephone calls, all-round maintenance

The philosophy of Wuhan Lamex: dedication, innovation, servededication, innovation, services, and provides quality and efficient business environment to customers

In three years time, Wuhan Lamex has successfully provided office furniture solutions for Daye Nonferrous, Hubei Huichuang, Hubei Guochuang Hi-tech, China No.15 Metallurgical, P&S Information, China Construction Decoration, China Construction Zhiyin City, Hubei supply and marketing, Yangtze River Water Resources Commission and Yangtze River Investment, etc. It also becomes the vendor of Hubei Bank and Hankou Bank. The company depends on Lamex products, builds green, efficient, inspirational and satisfactory office environment for customers, and wins their unanimous praise.

Our future lies in creating value for customers, growing together with and sharing joy with customers. We firmly believe that our professional service will win your trust and appreciation among the fierce market competition.

Successful Projects:

China Construction Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

Hubei Guochuang Hi-tech Material Inc

Hubei Huichuang Group

Wuhan P&S Information Technology Co., Ltd

Hubei Supply and Marketing Minsheng Square Co., Ltd


Wuhan Meishimeike Furniture Co., Ltd

Address mm_20_orange.png Room 708-709, Wuhan Wandacenter, Linjiang Avenue Jiyuqiao, Wuchang
​Tel 027-88411455
​Sales Hotline 18607129998(董先生)13871581080(贺小姐)
Fax​ 027-88411466