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Ingage LAMEX
Connected Office
Evolve into an activity-based workplace:

Offices are becoming denser and private rooms are getting smaller while requiring more functionality.  At the same time, business success requires more teamwork and closer collaboration, driven by flatter management hierarchies and modern styles of leadership. As a result, organizations must manage their teams within a community and increase interaction through varied activity-based work settings. Ingage is a connected space platform that optimizes your office to support multiple activities, intuitively and efficiently.

Solutions for a productive and connected workplace:

Ingage is a productive and connected space that lets you and your team choose from a set of new essential elements designed for multiple activities. The right work setting facilitates more efficient and effective work. When your teams have the space they need, they are more engaged, more productive and add more value to your business. For the legs of table, there is either steel or wooden legs to choose.

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Effective workspace with generous storage and convenient technology integration supports a wide variety of work modes, from focus and mentoring to impromptu meetings and small group interactions. | 17-40 SQM | Activity: Concentrate, Create, Reflect, Write, Discuss Privately, Mentor, Rest, Conference Call
Smart enclosed working and collaboration space supports focus work, impromptu and small group meetings or one-on-one private conversations. The office provides managers and supervisors with an effective space for collaboration. | 8-11 SQM | Activity: Concentrate, Create, Reflect, Write, Discuss Privately, Mentor
Flexible, efficient space designed to accommodate individual work, impromptu meetings, informal gatherings for a few people or a quick conference call. | 6-9 SQM | Activity: Concentrate, Write, Discuss Privately, Phone/Web Call
Flex TeamFlex Team
Efficient space especially designed for teams to touch base and promote continuous discussions, collaboration and the exchange of digital info. | 11-15 SQM | Activity: Share, Brainstorm, Learn, Conference Call, Team Meeting
Private meeting space designed for hosting small group collaborations, brainstorming or gatherings. A huddle space can be equipped with teleconferencing for remote meeting. | 11-15 SQM | Activity: Share, Brainstorm, Learn, Socialize, Team Meeting, Rest
The conference space is the ideal place for high-end video-conferencing with smart cable management solution and the exchange of digital information. | 20-40 SQM | Activity: Team Meeting, Share, Conference Call