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Envolve No
Transformational Workplace
Envolve is the newest addition by Lamex to serve the Connected Office.   The effective and efficient office space solution encourages and enables connection throughout integration of essential elements. Envolve is the perfect complement to the Avail Open Office Collection, addressing the needs from common areas to executive and meeting rooms.  Envolve creates a comfortable and harmonious work-life environment, while providing creative spaces for collaboration.

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Personal Working EnvironmentPersonal Working Environment
The right storage in the right place, convenient location of power supply, and beautiful wood tones, combine with Panel Systems to create a semi-private Open Office option and welcomes interaction between colleagues in the office.
Flex Team AreaFlex Team Area
Combine Envolve and Meta to create a creative community area. The Flex Team media wall by Envolve is equipped with digital media features to support a variety of group interactions.
Fast-and-easy wire solution by the conference tableFast-and-easy wire solution by the conference table
All wires can be stored and arranged inside the table body and the removable basement for a clean appearance
Multimedia SupportMultimedia Support
The Conference Table by Envolve is equipped with different types of digital media supports to fulfill your daily needs
New Color RangeNew Color Range
There are 2 new types of MFC textures and colors to choose for your Envolve furniture