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22 May, 2019

Creating Desirable Workplaces, ignites the capital Beijing


On May 16th, 2019, Lamex held a special "Design Night" at the LAMEX Beijing Workplace Centre, attracting more than 100 well-known designers and architects keen to discuss design with Robert Qian - General Manager of China, Fox Yuan – General Manager of Beijing, and Marc Fong – Design Director.


Themed as “Creating Desirable Workplace” and held in the aftermath of Lamex’s triumphant debut at the Shanghai WORKSPACE 2019, it proved to be yet another Lamex’s masterpiece. Breaking the barriers between time and space to create the perfect balance between work and life by seamlessly integrating the human needs for Work, Live & Play, “Creating Desirable Workplace” embodies our brand concept by empowering visitors of the workplace centers to experience the future workplace.

Inspired by cheerful, soothing live Jazz music, more than 100 designers enjoyed the event while talking about design in a relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere. Lamex’s General Manager of Beijing, Fox Yuan opened the evening with a short welcoming speech, thanking many designers and other guests for their presence and wishing them a beautiful and unforgettable night.

Marc Fong, Design Director of Lamex, also took the stage to share his views about “Creating Desirable Workplace”, the new design concept behind the office space of the future.

The workplace experience is very important. We provide different spaces to meet the needs of both work and life – focus areas, collaboration areas, relaxation areas. The proportion of space allocated to either work or life differs across these various areas. This is what Lamex refers to as "neighborhoods." I hope that this workplace of the future will help people develop a strong sense of belonging while simultaneously making them happy. In the neighborhood, work and life are more integrated." said by Marc.

As Marc explained, given today's increasingly advanced technology in communications and office equipment, why do we all have to travel to a so-called office every day? What kind of office will make us fall in love with it?

 Believing those who attended Lamex’s Design Night already know the answer to that question. After they enjoyed wonderful music while listening to creative ideas and experiencing the delights of a global cuisine, they might just think “This is the ideal workplace we wish to have.”

While spending most of our time on working desk, it is always good to stand and stretch our body regularly to keep our mind and body in a peaceful balance. Lamex’s furniture is designed to keep people active in the workplace by encouraging them to stand, move and play games with the teams.

Just an “active” area that is attractive to people can do the tricks, like music room, café area, community area or a gym area. Along with the provision of healthy foods and beverages, it is always able to attract people to socialize and share.