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10 April, 2019

Exhibition: WORKSPACE 2019


As technology keeps us connected to our work 24/7, why do we even bother commuting to our “office” every morning? And what should an office feel like for us to fall in love with? 

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I believe everyone has their own answer to that question. In the old days, an office was simply a place designed to perform your working obligations.  But things have changed. As work is increasingly intertwined with life, the office is no longer just a place to work but a place to live. This has profound implications as we all have different expectations about what we want from our office. 

In 2019, Lamex put forward “neighborhood”, a future workplace concept designed to awaken feelings of intimacy. The first products inspired by this revolutionary concept were introduced at the N2 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 26th to 28th.

WORKSPACE 2019 is a new exhibition presented by VNU Exhibitions Asia, also organizer of Milan International Furniture (Shanghai) Exhibition. Aiming to set the tone for the future of the industry, VNU Exhibitions Asia collaborated with leading brands including Gensler, Lamex, Interface, Microsoft and Canon to create a 500 sq.m. future workplace immersive, experience hall that redefines the very idea of what a workplace can be.

Gensler & Lamex collaborate to create the FUTURE WORK HUB

In this fast changing, technology-driven era, what constitutes a smarter and more flexible, efficient and sustainable office? American Designer of Gensler Douglas Newkirk, also the pavilion’s designer, answered: "We’re beginning to grasp the importance of human experiences for the workplace, which will lead us to create a more experience-based workplace (The “Experience-Based Workplace” (XBW). That is the basis for our vision of the future.”

Nenwirk’s insights perfectly coincide with the theme “Creating Desirable Workplace” of Lamex's product design philosophy. Marc Fong, Lamex’s Design Director, explained: “Workplace experience is fundamental. We envision different spaces adapted to the many instances when work and life intersect; different areas are designed to encourage focus,  nurture collaboration or foster relaxation, yet all reflect in different ways the intricate connections between work and life. We’re calling this concept "neighborhood" because we hope to help people develop a stronger sense of belonging and happiness at work, where life and work overlap at some many levels.” 

Leading audience to a future workspace beyond time and space, "FUTURE WORK HUB" is the innovative work of a group of interior and furniture designers.

Neighborhood – a feeling that begins at the entrance of the workplace

The future workplace will make you feel right at home the moment you walk through the doors. No longer an intimidating corporate expression, the front desk will be a welcoming area where a friendly professional, intimate with the company’s operations and personnel, will seemingly hush you to the right  destination.

The Commons, , a high table designed by Lamex, creates a sophisticated oasis imbued with a family atmosphere. Every morning as we enter the office, we head towards the high table by the window and, whether casually leaning on it or sitting high on a chair, we look at each other with a knowing smile: the day has begun.  

Neighborhood – at ease in an instant

Thanks to technology, the digital office has greatly enhanced work efficiency. The Commons conference-style furniture has been designed to make communication between colleagues easier, smoother, more human. The space is intimate, the chair at the perfect height and, as our elbows rest on the Commons table, we feel as in a cosy coffee shop, ready to share our happiness with close friends.

A neighborhood begins with a happy place 

A relaxed, comfortable working environment can nurture inner happiness and inspire imagination. In the afternoon, we chat on the Perch & Meta sofa, feeling rejuvenated by the easy, natural way we engage with each other around the coffee table.