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4 June, 2019

The Grand Opening of Lamex Workplace Centre in Chongqing


On May 28, 2019, many dignitaries and industry professionals convened to Chongqing to attend the grant opening of the Lamex Workplace Centre in Chongqing. A major City that is also the municipality in the central and western China, Chongqing is an important strategic fulcrum in the development of the PRC’s western region as it constitutes an essential link in the crucial “The Belt and Road” segment of the Yangtze River Economic Belt that connects China’s economically-opened coastal regions with the developing interior. Given the importance of the city, Lamex chose Chongqing as the location for its southwestern centre of development, which will manage its growing network of direct sales and dealer networks tasked with accelerating Lamex’s expansion in this important market.


The Grand Opening of the Lamex Workplace Centre in Chongqing was the first major event since the 2019 WORKSPACE exhibition in Shanghai and the Beijing Design Night. Mr. Wilson Tse, The President of Lamex, joined Mr. Terence Shea, The Vice President of Lamex, and Mr. Alex Chan, The General manager of the Eastern and Western region of Lamex, as well as several senior officials for the opening ceremony. The event featured an exhilarating lion dance performance that, much like what Lamex advocates for the West-East fusion, showcased how combining the world's most advanced concepts and technologies with local cultural characteristics can inspire excellent products and services.

Mr. Wilson Tse, President of Lamex, extended a warm welcome to all the guests before delivering an inspiring speech. Pointing out the group already invested US$20 million to upgrade its Production Centre in 2018 and to hold the WORKSPACE exhibition in 2019, he stated that, as China’s west region is the next important market where Lamex intends to accelerate its expansion, the Chongqing Centre represents another significant milestone in the brand's upgrading of its regional market network.  

Ms. Li Xia, the General Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Furniture Industry Association used her speech to welcome such an excellent furniture brand in Chongqing and expressed her faith that it will contribute to the future development of Chongqing’s furniture industry.