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12 December, 2018

The Grand Opening of the Newly Upgraded Production Center


On December 5th, HNI Lamex Furniture was pleased to host the upgrading ceremony for its Newly Upgraded Production Center in Dongguan. Attendees included Ms. Tu Yu, Vice President and Secretary General of the Asian Furniture Federation & Deputy Secretary General of the China Furniture Association, Ms. Chen Guanglian, Deputy Mayor of Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Mr. Liu Bifeng, Director of the Economic and Technological Information Bureau, Mr. Zhao Canhui, Director of the Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Yang Jinhua, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Lin Yuhui, Secretary of Lianhu Community, Tangxia Town, Mr. Kurt, President of HNI Group International Business Unit, Mr. Xie Wenjian, President of Lamex Furniture, Mr. Huang Xiaoshi, Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Design, and many other prominent guests joined the ceremony. Representatives from “Conde”, "Manager", "id+c", and internet media sites,,,, and several other leading domestic media groups gathered with Lamex’s major global clients and domestic and international dealers as approximately 300 people convened to witness the opening ceremony and talk about the future of the industry.


Mr. Xie Wenjian, President of Meishi Furniture, warmly welcomed the guests before delivering a powerful speech. Pointing out that while facing an ever-changing market presents some challenges for Lamex, it also opens new opportunities “Lamex has always attached great importance to sustainable development. HNI invested more than 20 million US dollars to introduce the most advanced production equipment and completed the upgrade and transformation of intelligent manufacturing.” Stressing Lamex’s commitment to continue investing resources to strengthen the team’s structure and training, he explained how Lamex’s new design laboratory will enhance the firm’s in-house design capabilities and improve its ability to work closely with customers to design exclusive products that meet the needs of different customers.

Mr. Kurt, President of HNI Group's International Business Unit, stated that as a core member of the HNI Group, Lamex became a mainstay of the HNI Group by enhancing its competitiveness. Kurt also stressed that the Asian market remains crucial for the HNI Group. “We continue to invest in the Asian market, especially China. This will not change regardless of market fluctuations. We are also optimistic about the business prospects of the Asian market. We will continue to increase our efforts in corporate operations, branding, product development and human resource development."

At the ceremony, Ms. Tu Yu, Vice President and Secretary General of the Asian Furniture Federation and Deputy Secretary General of the China Furniture Association, offered his warm congratulations before delivering an inspiring speech on the grand opening of the intelligent upgrade of the HNI Dongguan Production Center. Deputy Secretary-General Tu praised Lamex for its relentless focus, intensive cultivation and impressive breakthroughs of the office furniture market over many years, noting the company’s unremitting efforts in transforming its production methods, upgrading the industry’s technology and promoting the general development of the industry.

The birth of every outstanding brand results from the dual drive of art and technology, and art’s magic is even more precious in today's highly developed science and technology civilization. This is reflected in the brand value of the Lamex.