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27 August, 2020

Hockey | Agile and Accelerated, Delivered


Speed and Agility are the keys for the corporate success in the competitive market. This trait for speed is actually equal to the spirit of ice hockey.  Lamex understands that the modern workplaces need to transform quickly to satisfy the business needs, project needs and team needs.  Hockey – a comprehensive training solution by Lamex is inspired by ice hockey. It combines the ice hockey spirit, actual market needs and creativity to create a dynamic and agile training furniture solution.

Mobile Elements

Hockey is comprised of 3 mobile elements: Mobile Desk, Mobile Screen and Media Console. They comes together to create diversified configurations to satisfy needs for different meeting and training purposes. The versatility and flexibility of Hockey supports workplace speeds and agility, allowing your workplaces to transform quickly to support the agile teams, active learning and intensive workshops.

Effective, Practical and yet Cool

Hockey mobile desk suggests speed with an athletic appearance - legs, lean and lithe in 2 heights, glides on the ground with sporty looking open ring castors. Featuring a slide-to-link connection, Hockey desks link with one another intuitively, in no more than a few seconds. Constantly dispersing and re-grouping different combinations allows to switch from one activity to another, quickly adjust to meet various diversified working environments.

Accessories include paper thin modesty, surface mounted power, and multi-use hook.

Hockey mobile screen facilitates idea generation – easy clean writable surface and pinable cork board on the reverse side, and trays for markers and other small work tools. When all we need is a barrier for better concentration or deterring airborne viral transmission, Hockey upholstered screens does the job.

3H micro-environments

Amidst uncertain times, for business to survive and thrive, the way we work has to become more agile and accelerated. Constantly dispersing and re-grouping, iteratively moving from one activity to another, quickly curating diverse work micro-environments to match goals and purposes.  Let’s have a look at 3 such micro-environments – the 3H by Hockey.

Home Turfs

A Hockey desk, protected by a screen or two – an individual concentrative workstation.

Hyper learning Pop-ups

Whenever and wherever, Hockey desks ganged as rows or smaller interactive learning clusters – triangles, hexagons, trapezoids – pulled together to amplify learning.

High Intensity Workshops

Hockey tall desks, writable screens, media consoles – these are all the essential tools needed for serious brainstorming.  And it’s about accelerated progress, so intervals are short or none!