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21 January, 2021

Lamex | The 1st sharing in 2021


After all the uncertainties in 2020, we all wish to retrieve and get good things for a brighter future in 2021. Let’s take a look in the latest modern workplace of an innovative insurance company in the Greater Bay Area to get inspired for the new workplace designs

This innovative insurance company provides life insurance products with internet technologies.  Given the support of the advanced internet technologies, they continue to focus on the needs of customers and provide the “people-oriented” insurance products and services to local citizen across the country; they establish an effective O2O platform to connect with their customers without physical barriers and provide what their customers need.

Project Information:
Location: Shenzhen
Size: 2,000 square meters
Products: Brava, Perch, Ingage, Verta, Monarch, Majesty+, Privi, Rhythm β, Elise, Please

Client’ needs:
To cope with the rapid developments in the Greater Bay Area, they need a new modern workplace that satisfies:
The need of current employees and the need for expansions
The need for a dynamic workplace that supports collaborations, private space and focus work.
The need for a high degree of space utilization

01 A Mega Work Area
Private but yet open

“People” is set to be the core consideration of this modern workplace design. The insurance company always values the needs of human and understands that the insurance products and services require a certain degree of confidentiality. In order to lead in the insurance industry, they foster creative exchanges and communication between internal and external by creating a dynamic environment to shape a distinctive corporate culture and drive employee to value their customers’ needs. The Avail Semi-Open Workplace Solution provides the ideal workstation for the employees. The Avail Bench is set up with effective panels, which can provide appropriate privacy for employees without compromising their interaction. Employees are able to focus on their personal works and collaborate with their teams in the same area. The Avail Semi-Open Workplace Solution made reasonable layout and satisfied the needs of employees.

Villa Task Chair is provided to ensure the health of employees. Comfort is the key for the Villa task chair, through its blend of soft furnishings, supportive design and effortless style. The chair’s ergonomic design presents elegant details to keep office workers forever fulfilled. For the solution of personal storage in the working area, Privi Pedestal is equipped to provide ample personal storage space for the employees.

02 Meeting is designed for success.
Grand meeting area and quick meeting area.

Monarch Meeting Table and Elise Executive Chair are used in the grand meeting room. Grant and elegant.  Suitable for any kind of large-scale or external meetings and perfectly meets the business needs of the rapid development of the company.

Meta Collaborative Sofas and This and That One coffee tables are placed next to Monarch Meeting Table, which allows employees to have a quick rest during the meeting break. The Meta Collaborative Sofa is equipped with USB charger to support any mobile device charging.

Lamex has arranged a 4-6 people meeting table in many executive areas, which are designed for executives to conduct quick meetings and presentations with their team members and stimulate their team creativity.

03 Executive Areas being grand. 
Yet practical and functional

Executives always have different work needs. Lamex provides many executive solutions to satisfy the diversified needs in the workplace, including Ingage, Brava and Majesty+.

Ingage is a productive and connected space that lets the teams choose from a set of new essential elements designed for multiple activities. The right work setting facilitates more efficient and effective work. When the teams have the space they need, they are more engaged, more productive and add more value to your business.

BRAVA is designed to balance the need for an aesthetically pleasing executive office with demands for greater value. Strong lines and generous sloping edges command attention and provide the right setting for leaders to make important decisions.

Majesty+ Executive Series combines sophistication, craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics, to create the ideal workspace for elite executives. Featuring strong, sleek lines and resilient details, its delightful surprises include refined crafted-edge design, a multi-functional height adjustable desk (HAD) and a full range of storage. The luxurious veneer and grain appearance are extravagant, showcasing true power and leadership prestige.

04 Connection & Collaboration
Rest, Personal Work and Team Collaboration

The centre of the workplace is a collaborative area with a high ceiling. Brunch Table, Common High Table and Please Chair are placed to create a comfortable collaborative area in which employees can rest; enjoy a cup of coffee on Common High Table and have a nice afternoon; have a team gathering on Brunch Oblong Table to enjoy a party time.

This modern workplace in the Greater Bay Area will be the headquarter of the company in the region. In this project, Lamex studies the needs of clients and provides a comprehensive solution, which incorporates “people-oriented” spirit and satisfies the physical needs of a new workplace, and also successfully integrates the concept of neighbourhood workplace to create a perfect community for the company.