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1 March, 2023

Phantom | As Shadow, with Exceptional Comfort


Exceptional Charm

The design concept of new product Phantom is inspired by its word meaning.

A comfortable task chair should be like the shadow of our body, which can perfectly fit the body structure and provide stable and stretchable support.  The office chair is also our long-term partner, whether it is work, study or leisure, we all need its long-term accompany.

Phantom is a classic masterpiece that combines the essence of agility and angular. With unparalleled equilibrium and ergonomic structure, Phantom creates an extraordinary and exceptional comfort. In the meanwhile the ingeniously crafted high-tech mesh chair provides long-lasting, stable and healthy support for the body.

Caring Design

The mesh backrest and seat cushion are flexibly stretched to fit the body curve. Equipped with a smooth and elastic seat structure, those who sit for a long time can be comfortable and relaxed, reducing fatigue. Seat cushion also uses mesh structure which is more breathable and comfortable than the traditional fabric seat cushion, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and excellent sitting experience anytime, anywhere.

The contoured backrest of the chair perfectly fits the natural shape of the body. The weight-activated synchronized mechanism from Phantom automatically adjusts the reclining tension by sensing your body weight to meet your needs in various sitting postures all day long. Additionally, headrest, backrest, cushion, armrests and seat height can be adjusted according to your own need, which is flexible and cozy, and helps to maintain a proper sitting posture during long hours of work or study.

Usually we adjust the task chairs by bowing our heads and bending down to find the handles. Phantom is quite different!

Phantom adopts a brand-new design-the tilt adjustment and sitting height adjustment can be easily controlled under the armrest, which is more convenient and quicker than traditional task chairs.


Breathing Mesh

As Lamex's first full mesh design seat, Phantom uses imported high-tech mesh, which is extremely flexible and supple, more elastic, stronger in support and better in air permeability. The lightness of the Phantom stands the test of pressure and time.

The high-tech mesh on wide backrest and seat cushion is not only comfortable and breathable, but also has superior functions and friendly touch. Each touch is enjoyable.

Dynamic Adaptability

Like a dragonfly hovering in the air, its elegant wings fly and glide freely. The combination of smooth lines, light frame and breathable mesh forms this agile and lightweight masterpiece.

This flexibility and lightness make Phantom perfectly adapt to the evolving modern workspaces. From open space to private space, from work to leisure, the charming Phantom task chair can be your great partner in personal or collaborative space to provide you ergonomic sitting comfort and visual aesthetics. If you are looking for the combination of design aesthetics, comfort and practicality, Phantom task chair will be a perfect choice.