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21 July, 2020

What is 40+60?


Sizza launches a new series of Panel Solution

As a pioneer in the office furniture market in Greater China and the rest of Asia, Lamex has been improving and launching many new series of workplace furniture solutions and collaborative solutions, to cope with the ever-changing customers’ demands and needs.

The comprehensive workplace furniture solution – Sizza, is always a popular solution for international and national corporate. From collaborative bench, workstation, executive desk to storage, Sizza offers quality workplace furniture solution for different workplaces of different styles. Today, Sizza launches a new panel solution: S40 & S60 Panel System.

With the original s30 & s50 panels, the addition of s40 & s60 panels enable Sizza to provide more configurations for customers and designers to create more interesting workplaces of different styles and designs.

Flexible Combination that Adapt to Spaces

Sizza Panel S40 suits all your business needs, a panel system that’s easily configured to any setting.Featuring desks, panels of differing heights and materials, as well as versatile storage units for individual stations or shared spaces, collectively it creates a consistent aesthetic.

Connected Management

Sizza S40 and S60 panels offer flexibility in workstation arrangement, for connected, interactive office management that encourages free-flow creative communications. It also suits private focus work, intimate mentoring and fast communication among teams at ease.

Sizza S60 Panel Cabling Comprehensive hidden wire solutions for integrated power supply

Sizza’s panels feature extensive support for power, as well as data routing and access for individual workstations. Spacious cable ducts offer ample wire space, while socket plugs are set on trunking for ease of access.