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8 April, 2019

Work together to celebrate the beauty of designs


Lamex joins hands with CAFA, Polytechnic University of Milan, IKEA and PANTONE to celebrate the beauty of designs.

Part aesthetic, part philosophy, design adds texture to life. But we should not forget the best designs are those that are useful to our lives.

Human beings’ lives are closely related to furniture. Recognizing the importance of Chinese furniture industry and keen to foster innovation in this key sector, the China National Furniture Association(CNFA)  established the “Design Innovative Training Base” in 2019 to promote closer cooperation between leading global design institutes and Chinese furniture manufacturers.

Representatives from 16 organizations including Polytechnic University of Milan, HNI Lamex and members of the Council of Asia Pacific Furniture Association  (CAFA) signed a letter of intent with the CNFA and the Government of LongJiang Town on the cooperation of the Design Innovative Training Base and committed to establish an information exchange centre in Longjiang, Foshan, to promote the sustainable development of furniture designs in China.

The Design Innovative Training Base is officially launched, as partner organizations including CNFA, Polytechnic University of Milan, IKEA, HNI Lamex and Pantone take part in the summit to exchange on lifestyles and designs. 

Ms. Tu Qi, Vice President and Secretary General of CAFA and Vice Chairman of the CNFA, made a keynote speech on "The Road to Chinese Furniture Design and Development". After reviewing the development and evolution of Chinese furniture design from the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties to the present, she shared her vision for the future development of Chinese furniture design, stating the industry should rely on the promotion of Chinese culture, the ability to create original design, and the enhancement of international exchanges and cooperation.