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Sizza Panel

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Designed for Integrated Workspaces Solution

Thoughtfully designed and absolutely flexible, the Sizza office space system adapts easily to the ever-changing needs of contemporary workplaces. Featuring seating, storage, benching and panels, the integrated workspaces solution easily adapts to all working styles, from individual workstations to collaborative teams. Quality and affordability combine, for an aesthetically pleasing total solution.

Essential Workspaces
Sizza presents a dynamic assortment of office furnishings, allowing for essential and fully integrated workspaces that always focus on productivity.

Sizza Panel
Panel Dividers for Optimal Performance
Sizza’s space-planning panel workstations allow for a variety of visually pleasing design options, adapting to any work environment. With panel thickness options of 30mm/ 40mm/ 50mm & 60mm, they create bright and open office settings. 

Easily Assembled and Adjusted
Shipped fully assembled for easy installation and reconfiguration, the S30 system of panels offers effortless efficiency.  

Smart Solutions for Shared Productivity
Ideal for teams, S50 panel workstation has been designed with managers in mind, presenting simple solutions to supervise or mentor. New stations can be easily added for true collaboration, allowing for effective productivity and streamlined spaces to support all manner of work. 

Diverse Style Solutions for More Choices
Ever-changing office plans and diversified needs are easily solved through the S30 and S50 panel workstations.  A multitude of panel design options are available, including open-work settings with low-panel heights, private spaces with high panels and storage solutions.  Flexibility to reconfigure and adjust accordingly, a variety range of sizes, styles and materials are available to suit your look. 


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