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8 February, 2018

Yum China

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Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Yum China is the biggest catering group in the world. They own many recognizable brands across the globe. Their headquarters is located in Shanghai. As the leader in the industry, they committed to creative thinking to lead and innovate. Hence, their ideal workplace is good match with the design focus of Lamex’s Open Workplace Solutions – A designed workplace for all. In their headquarters, Lamex created an open workplace with a number of collaborative areas, encouraging people to productively communicate, collaborate, and create.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

  • An open area created with Avail Bench and a frameless panel provide more light and space for workers. It also entices people to communicate and collaborate.
  • The ergonomic task chairs and executive chairs provide enhanced comfort, health, and productivity for employees.
  • Common areas were defined with a variety of mobile furnishings allowing employees to create areas for communication and collaboration and providing additional flexibility in their work environment.



  • The versatility of Avail Solutions support the dynamic development of the company.
  • The open and spacious areas inspire the creativity of workers which enhance their work-life balance.
  • The ergonomic chairs provide comfort and better physical support to improve the work environment for employees and improve productivity.