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25 January, 2021

1st Collaboration in 2021 | Lamex joins Futurework


Futurework X Lamex | Media Column

2021 is a new starting point! Here comes the first good news for Lamex! Lamex has now joined Futurework for a special Media Column to bring you the latest perspectives of future workplace, work philosophy and new products.

Futurework is a professional media in the field of workplace knowledge. They are positioned as an innovative media that maintain a forward-looking perspective of the workplace strategies and gain insight into different work modes, workplace environment and trends. share cutting-edge workplace concepts, perspectives, knowledge and job references with readers.


Since established in 1977, Lamex is an office furniture enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing, testing, workplace design and planning and customer services. Business has covered countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and all major cities in China. With our professional knowledge and global expertise, Lamex can provide customers instant local support and services in their regions.

Lamex collaborates with international designers to provide excellent designs and thoughtful workplace solutions for customers. Lamex set up a Design Lab for designers to freely explore new ideas.  Every good idea is turned into physical one and become new innovative solutions. Lamex invite customers to co-create innovative solutions, visit customers’ workplaces to talk to a broad spectrum of users, listen to their needs and desires.  The co-creative platforms put clients in the front seat, driving position on the journey to reach the perfect workplace solutions.

Through the platform of Futurework, Lamex is going to share the latest trends and insights of workplace developments by sharing you different cutting-edge concepts of workplace strategies, perspectives and job references.


A workplace community is comprised of different working activities or styles. The interaction of different working activities helps shape the form of the workplace community, and drives the formation of a bounding and relationship, which is regarded as “Neighborhoods”.  Lamex supports “Neighborhood Community” to foster social interactions within organization. Longhouse is designed for community creation in the workplace, to combine focus works, collaborations and rests as a complete solution. Playces Collection is a series of solutions that created to work purposefully everywhere like café, home, restaurant, hotel or airport lounge, and office.  Lumin is an innovative phone booth to provide a superior quiet place for personal works.

In the workplace, everyone belongs to a community; each community has different works and collaborations; collaboration between different communities has different forms; all of them forms a neighbourhood community and nurture a corporate culture.

Creating Neighborhood Community

Longhouse is designed to create a wellbeing neighbourhood community, social spaces where people can connect and interact.  In Longhouse, people can focus on works, collaborate, rest and recharge. Perfectly combines Work Bench, Social Table and Pavilion into one space. It is the ideal solution for organizations which tend to be more transparent, agile, dynamic and project-based.  The flexibility of Longhouse is able to satisfy the need for an effective workplace community.

Neighborhood – Work, Play & Rest

Technology is changing our work styles. The wireless network, cloud storage and AI technology enable us to work anywhere and anytime. Work and leisure boundaries are blurred. We can work, play and rest at home, hotel, airport lounge, café or restaurant, and our evolving office.

In the future, airport may become an entertaining venue. Bar may be more than just a bar. Café may not be just drinking coffee. Restaurant may be no longer just a place for meals. With a better coverage of WIFI network in the future, let’s see who will catch the attention of the workplace users.