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25 June, 2020

China international Furniture Fair (CIFF) in July | Meet Lamex on IFO Planet


The 45th China international Furniture Fair (CIFF) will be held from 27 to 30 July, in Guangzhou International convention and exhibition center. As the first mega exhibition for the furniture industry in China, it is labeled as the platform for new products and commerce, which aims at helping the industry recover and develop.

Lamex | 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition

The “2030+ International Future Office” exhibition is co-organized by China National Furniture Association, CIFF, and other international brands like Vitra, Lamex, Haworth,, BULL and Canon, etc. The vision for this exhibition is to discover the human needs, foster communication across different industries, generate views and prospects for future, create a platform of communication with a collection of emerging brands and concepts of future workplaces. It provides a special experience of the space, which combines the reality and virtual interaction, through different products, illustrations, light, sounds and multimedia solutions which to inspire people to think about the relationship between individual and space, nature and society, the present and the future.

 “Oasis” is the theme for the exhibition, which represents the future office coexistence, symbiosis, interconnection, infinite vitality and possibility. Oasis is an abstract concept of the space which shows emergence of works and lives. In Oasis, the future workplace not only supports single functions, but also becomes an energetic place that combines humanities and arts, smart technology and natural ecology. It creates an ideal place where people develop, communicate and collaborate.

Lamex | Future Community

The community’s collaboration and sharing of the future workplace is more creative and dynamic, and it combines the social forms and functions. The Longhouse and Playces collection by Lamex foster collaboration and creates an effective ecosystem for communities.

Longhouse, Future Neighborhood Community.

Longhouse is inspired by the sustainable development of people for thousands of years and a portrayal of their community life. The traditional longhouse has a compact structure for building neighborhood networks. Longhouse is designed to connect the activity of focus work, collaboration and social interaction, and to bring the neighborhood concept of the traditional longhouse into our future workplace.

Playces, The Living Style of Future Community

In the future, work and leisure boundaries are blurred, and there is no turning back. Our workplace is evolving to be a combination of office, home, café, hotel and wellness center. It is a place where our community gathers to work, play and rest.    

The future workplace needs a seed for happiness, do you know what it is?  Home, hotel, airport, restaurant and office all cohere, weaving a joyful melange of work, play and rest.

Lamex X INTERNI | The Boundless - design forum

Topic: The change for the future workplace in the post epidemic era

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading across the world and affecting people’s daily lives and work. It provides an opportunity for us to redefine our works style. Maybe it is time to review your living habit, working habit, work modes, and even the work-from-home style. While people are getting back to work, the epidemic may accelerate the transformation of our workplaces. Given the space limitation of the traditional workplace, we may ask how to optimize our workplace in a safe way? What functions will be driven to change? What makes our workplace more environmentally friendly? What is the responsibility and reliability for designers to design a sustainable workplace? What types of products are more suitable for the future workplace?

Forum Time: 28 July, 2020, 13:00 – 16:00

Forum Venue: Guangzhou International convention and exhibition center, Zone B, Hall 11.2

Guests: Space Matrix Ippolito Fleitz GroupIn50 and other well-known designers (to be revealed)

Live Broadcast | Online and Offline

Because of the epidemic situation, Lamex will organize a live broadcast for the shows in Zone B, Hall 11.2 from 27-30 July. All the live broadcast will be available on Lamex official website and WeChat. Please stay tuned.

For any visitor, you may pre-register with the designated QR code. You can scan for a FREE ticket.

This year is the first year of “2030+ International Future Office Exhibition”. “IFO | 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition” and “The 45th China international Furniture Fair (CIFF)” will be held from 27 to 30 July, 2020, in Guangzhou International convention and exhibition center, Pazhou, Guangzhou. As the most exciting and anticipated concept exhibition, we will present you the most creative state of imagination for the future workplace in a 1000 venue.

“IFO” is the abbreviation of International Future Office. It is meant to explore the concept, methods, states and development trends of the future workplace. Additionally, “IFO” can be derived from “If Office…”, which may derive to other workplace concepts. We invite you to join us to unleash the imagination, and explore all possibilities for future workplace in a creative way.

See you on IFO Planet from 27-30 July, 2020