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25 June, 2020

China international Furniture Fair (CIFF) in July | Meet Lamex on IFO Planet


The 45th China international Furniture Fair (CIFF) will be held from 27 to 30 July, in Guangzhou International convention and exhibition center. As the first mega exhibition for the furniture industry in China, it is labeled as the platform for new products and commerce, which aims at helping the industry recover and develop.

Lamex | 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition

The “2030+ International Future Office” exhibition is co-organized by China National Furniture Association, CIFF, and other international brands like Vitra, Lamex, Haworth,, BULL and Canon, etc. The vision for this exhibition is to discover the human needs, foster communication across different industries, generate views and prospects for future, create a platform of communication with a collection of emerging brands and concepts of future workplaces. It provides a special experience of the space, which combines the reality and virtual interaction, through different products, illustrations, light, sounds and multimedia solutions which to inspire people to think about the relationship between individual and space, nature and society, the present and the future.

 “Oasis” is the theme for the exhibition, which represents the future office coexistence, symbiosis, interconnection, infinite vitality and possibility. Oasis is an abstract concept of the space which shows emergence of works and lives. In Oasis, the future workplace not only supports single functions, but also becomes an energetic place that combines humanities and arts, smart technology and natural ecology. It creates an ideal place where people develop, communicate and collaborate.

Lamex | Future Community

The community’s collaboration and sharing of the future workplace is more creative and dynamic, and it combines the social forms and functions. The Longhouse and Playces collection by Lamex foster collaboration and creates an effective ecosystem for communities.