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25 May, 2020

Color transcends time, all in the 2020/21 Lamex Color book

Corporate , Design Trends

The Song Dynasty was one of the most remarkable dynasties in Chinese history. It was renowned for its forward-thinking approach to the arts, poetry and literature, striking a particular chord with generations of people across the world.

2020/21 Lamex Color book
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The era not only demonstrated the universal appeal of fusing color and design but also encapsulated timeless beauty. Brought to life by the colors of the Song Dynasty, Lamex Colors 2020/21 honor the Song era unique interpretations.

Viewed from a light boat with short oars, West Lake is fair.

Green water winds along.

The banks overgrown with sweet grass; here and there.

Faintly we hear a flute song.

"Gathering Mulberry Leaves"

by "Ouyang Xiu"

The Song Ceramics highlights the ever-lasting appeal of the era. Their glaze color of greenish-blue, blueish-green and copper red are at the same time brilliant and shining, opalescent and charming. They create a harmony between natural and artificial beauties and that’s clear as jade. The varying hues exemplify the similarities found in the Colors of Song and modern colors. Natural and ever-changing colors provide subtleness and elegance, bringing into focus the kindness integral in humanity.