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25 May, 2020

Color transcends time, all in the 2020/21 Lamex Color book

Corporate , Design Trends

The Song Dynasty was one of the most remarkable dynasties in Chinese history. It was renowned for its forward-thinking approach to the arts, poetry and literature, striking a particular chord with generations of people across the world.

2020/21 Lamex Color book
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The era not only demonstrated the universal appeal of fusing color and design but also encapsulated timeless beauty. Brought to life by the colors of the Song Dynasty, Lamex Colors 2020/21 honor the Song era unique interpretations.

Viewed from a light boat with short oars, West Lake is fair.

Green water winds along.

The banks overgrown with sweet grass; here and there.

Faintly we hear a flute song.

"Gathering Mulberry Leaves"

by "Ouyang Xiu"

The Song Ceramics highlights the ever-lasting appeal of the era. Their glaze color of greenish-blue, blueish-green and copper red are at the same time brilliant and shining, opalescent and charming. They create a harmony between natural and artificial beauties and that’s clear as jade. The varying hues exemplify the similarities found in the Colors of Song and modern colors. Natural and ever-changing colors provide subtleness and elegance, bringing into focus the kindness integral in humanity.

The natural and ever-changing colors transcends time. Lamex now brings 3 main color themes from the timeless color art, which are Indigo/ Ink, Sage/ Concrete, and Sumac/ Earthenware, to provide extraordinary inspiration for creative workplace planning.

Indigo / Ink

The colors Indigo / Ink are a way of being, a philosophy that inspires one to embody the bravest of characters and unconditional devotion. In 2020, a timeless and enduring blue hue, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking, it highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Imprinted in our psyches as a restful color, it brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. Aiding concentration and bringing laser like clarity, it re-centers our thoughts. A reflective blue tone fosters resilience.

There is a strong connection between modern color art and “Song-dynasty”color art, while they both brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit and foster a spiritual connection with the natural environment.

To bring a peaceful and natural focus to your work in the Indigo working environment, Lamex creates a series of Indigo/ Ink palettes that is built upon the foundation of “Song”color spectrum. The combination of colors creates a unique workplace that connects with our emotion and spirit. Indigo/ Ink is aimed at creating a quiet, comfortable and peaceful environment for people to work and live.

Sage/ Concrete

The color of Sage/ Concrete helps us to see situations clearly from all sides, creating a more balanced and progressive ambience. It creates a subtle and fresh sensation, in which Sage/ Concrete instils a sense of hopes and vitality to support lives and dreams. Matching with modern designs can create a comfortable and harmonious visual experience that is able to improve our mental health and so does our work efficiency.

Sumac/ Earthenware

The Sumac/ Earthenware colors are associated with a deep sense of altruism and driven by intuition that emboldens someone to open up their mind for redemption. ever-changing colors in warm earth tone creates a thousand of color combinations that nurtures a passion and pursuit for goals and dreams. The unrestrained colors arise a sense of energy and enjoyment in the workplace.  Make sure your workplace is never dull and make people enjoy to work, play and rest.

The design and furniture industry never stops to explore the use of colors to create inspiration for generations. Colors have the power to influence our productivity and work efficiency. Corporate can arrange suitable color themes for different workplaces to match with their business needs and the characteristics of their teams that creates the ideal state of teamwork and corporate culture. A harmonious and healthy working environment always leads to better productivity and work efficiency. The 2020/21 Lamex Color Book provides you with the most detailed and inspirational information of color arts in the industry. Let’s find out your favourite color tones!