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5 January, 2023

Guangzhou Science and Innovation Financial Service Base | The 4 Elements of Human-centered Design


Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization officially released the Global Innovation Index 2022 report. According to the report, China ranks 11th, up one position from last year, steadily improving for the 10th consecutive year and ranking first among 36 middle- and high-income economies. The report also points out that China's innovation and development show a positive relationship, with innovation inputs transforming into more and higher quality innovation outputs and also demonstrating China's innovation strength, capability, dynamism and potential.

China's Guangzhou also pays much attention to science and innovation enterprises and research institutions, etc. Guangzhou's Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone set up the Guangzhou Science and Innovation Financial Service Base in order to drive financial capital to promote innovation in the real industry and build a complete chain of science and innovation finance, which is pre-IPO and post-IPO integration, online and offline, credit and application integration, with a comprehensive innovation service platform.

Recently, the opening of Guangzhou Science and Innovation Financial Service Base, Science and Innovation Capital Parlor and Special Training Camp for Listed Nursery Enterprises 2.0 was held in Guangzhou Development Zone of Huangpu District. In this way, it empowers science and innovation capital, initiates a new round of capital market cultivation for listing-ready enterprises, and accelerates the development of local enterprises to go public. Different from the traditional office space, the service base is an industrial platform that needs to include different functional areas such as road show area, social space and interview area to create a flexible and human-centered workplace.



This project is located on the first floor of the building. In order to provide more natural light to the people in the office space, the functional areas such as the road show area and the social space are located near the windows, so that people can work with a more positive attitude and more efficient performance.

Areas with less natural light, which need to be supplemented with artificial lighting, are planned as traffic spaces and privacy spaces.

Natural light makes people feel warm and positive. Lamex's Limber and Venus multi-functional table and chair series add flexibility and convenience to people. The road show area provides one-stop, professional and customized financial services for science and innovation enterprises, such as industry integration, road show promotion, listing counseling and financing consulting, etc.

Foldable and movable multifunctional table and chair series can easily achieve different functions, reduce the burden of administrative work for the service base, and can be quickly switched according to different activity needs.



Light can make a space more open, and color can make it more spacious and brighter, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Lamex has created a collaborative space that encourages interaction by using colorful collaborative furniture such as Meta series, Reed, Please, Saloon, Bene and Loc.

Red usually represents enthusiasm and happiness; blue is professional and calm, and yellow is optimistic and cheerful. If you want the space to be colorful, you can try to drop the saturation, which can mobilize the mood in the space and also maintain the beauty of the space.

Different types of sitting are suitable for different types of discussion and communication. Saloon's extended headrest is not only soft and comfortable, but also increases privacy. Bene and the custom staircase cushion are favored by Generation Z and can bring people closer to communicate and foster creativity.


According to the demand of Guangzhou Science and Technology Financial Service Base to link online and offline and provide 24-hour service, Lamex provides Avail custom L-shaped desk and a folding bed can be easily pulled out from the side cabinet of the desk. The small details make people feel safe and comfortable, and also make employees feel respected, enhancing their sense of belonging.

If horizontal straight lines give a sense of security, dynamic curves give a sense of comfort. Ingage with curved sides are designed to add vitality and a soft atmosphere to the discussion space and become neater.

Push in the Mimeo, its unique curved and ergonomic design will be a good friend to support your business negotiation.



Textures help add depth and meaning to a space. For example, sofas need not only the ultimate in comfort, but also a visual quality that fits the function of the space. The smooth texture of Lamex's Cocoon and Astrid light up the warm space and warm people up. The unique curved design also gives the interview room a unique artistic style. It helps the founders to create a bright image in interviews such as "Meet the Capitalists" and "The Power of Chinese Science and Innovation".

Adding natural elements can easily make a workplace more dynamic!

Excessive use of man-made materials such as steel and plastic can make a space cold and hard, but you can find a balance between different materials by increasing the area of raw wood texture and the proportion of green plants in the space, and more natural elements make it easier for people in the space to get positive energy.

The managers of Guangzhou Science and Technology Financial Service Base realize that human-centered design can attract people and connect everyone in the space to the organization, not simply provide a workplace for everyone. Not only are employees the most precious asset of a company, but for this place, human-centered design can also increase the economic value created by the people in the space.

Lamex provides exclusive solutions after deep understanding of customers' needs, allowing human-centered product design to implement solutions, optimizing the space utilization and enhancing people's work efficiency, allowing flexible space planning to support collaborative creation, assisting science and innovation enterprises to go public and further stimulate the vitality of the market.


Progress is achieved by people, and can be stopped by people. Guangzhou Science and Innovation Financial Service Base will bring together government, financial institutions, listed companies and science and innovation enterprises, linking policy, capital, talent and technology, integrating financial, scientific and technological, and media power to provide support and assist listing for science and innovation enterprises, so that more new technologies can be industrialized and applied on a large scale. Let the creative application by Science and Technology creators become the direction of future development, living up to expectations and ideals!