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12 June, 2020

Lumin | The Quiet and Relief in style


“Work From Home” has been a popular social topic since the outbreak of the latest pandemic. For being hard to find the perfect balance between works and lives at home, some people start to long for going back to the office rather than staying home for days. However, when we return to the open workplace that we miss so much, we soon realize that we are actually tired of the unlimited brain storming and the noisy private calls of some colleague from time to time, which makes it so hard for us to focus.

So, it all comes to some question that we should ask. Is the open workplace not the perfect solution? Does the open workplace lack of private space for people? Or should the layout of an open workplace be redesigned?

Before we answer, we first have to understand the style of an open workplace. An Open workplace is designed to satisfy people’s needs for communication, openness and privacy. It is comprised of a series of formal and informal spaces that allows a quick switch between collaboration and focus work. Hence, an open workplace is not just a large area of open workstations designed for saving costs. A satisfactory space planning always requires the integration of scientific developments, design perspectives, corporate culture and development strategies. It all leads to an ideal workplace where people can easily focus, collaborate and rest.

There are still some other questions that corporate concern. How to increase the workplace flexibility to allow quick switch between different work modes? How to create the perfect balance between focus work and collaboration? All these concerns can easily be solved by one single solution – Lumin Phone Booth. Lumin Phone Booth provides a quiet space within the workplace where people can do focus work or rest. It allows people to switch their work modes quickly and increase the work efficiency.