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12 May, 2020

Post COVID era, you and I are changing!

Corporate , Design Trends

At present, global companies are facing the crisis caused by COVID-19 epidemic, and have taken precaution actions to protect their most important asset: employees. The health crisis is reshaping our economy and the way we live and work for all the foreseeable future.

01. Re-plan and transform workplaces by effective barriers

People in the office design industry said that companies should ensure more personal space for employees after the epidemic.  Should it partition in open office space? Or stagger the desks and increase the distance between employees? Many companies are "reconsidering employee density" and re-planning the existing layout to provide employees with greater surrounding space.

We re-plan and reform the workplace by using modular design of the workstation, cubicle, and flexible discussion area, which is conducive to staff physical distancing and workstation adjustment.

Enable flexible and effective barriers

When we talk about partitions, many people will think of the fully-enclosed cubicle.

No…. It is already 2020, what we mentioned definitely not like this.  After the epidemic, it is more particular about personal hygiene, air purification, and storage selection.  Appropriate partitions not only provide sufficient privacy for employees, but also allow employees to focus on work and improve work efficiency.

The screens, partitions and dividers become taller and more transparent, which can contain respiratory transmission and create a comfortable sense of space. The workstation can use partitions of 1500mm or higher to create a barrier. Avail is able to provide higher screens or partitions to prevent respiratory transmission and frameless transparent glass can perceive a larger space.

Set or add screens on benches and height adjustable desks, such as using AVAIL movable dividers or screens; using the front & side screens on Longhouse, and using BAYLITE screens on height adjustable desks.

The BAYLITE can be freely matched with L-shaped, straight-line, and cross-shaped screens, and can be added on existing desks.

Add hanging screens and increase the height on the basis of the existing screen can effectively contain respiratory transmission.

In open space areas, you may worry about being open and risky.  You can now use free-standing and movable Surrounds screens to create tall barriers to prevent rapid airborne transmission.

You can also use Meta cabin in open space area to enable focus work and barrier function, reducing face-to-face respiratory transmission.

It is possible to use steel cabinets to create barriers between departments and public spaces.  Affix personal tags on the steel cabinets for personal use and avoid contact.

Arrange and reorient workstations with desks staggered or alternated to minimize face-to-face respiratory transmission.