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20 July, 2022

Invitation |Come and Join 2022 SZCW Lamex Design Forum


SZCW 5C26 Booth – Lamex Design Forum

The post-epidemic era has completely rewritten the rules of the use of traditional architectural spaces and lead to the demand for open space being multi-dimensional.  2022 Shenzhen Creative Week Workplace Exhibition (SZCW) will be themed “Remodeling and Reconstruction”, advocating that design agencies and designers to make use of technology and space flexibility, take people’s health and safety in place, and focus to create a diverse, flexible and intelligent workplace.  At the same time, it is necessary to work with furniture suppliers to think about how to meet the needs of users for office, education and healthy environment through design innovation of space and furniture.

One Jul 25 and 26, Lamex will hold two Design Forums at Shenzhen Creative Week Workplace Exhibition, which will invite a number of famous designers from international design firms to share and discuss their viewpoints on the new normal development of the future workplace.  Lamex will demonstrate multi-experience workplace concept and furniture and provide catering services such as coffee and pastries at the booth.


Re-understanding ABW in the post-epidemic era

  • Shenzhen Creative Week, Lamex, Media-Workplace Design
  • 25th July (Monday), 13:30 – 15:30
  • Booth: 5C26, Shenzhen Creative Week

ABW (Activity Based Working) is an activity-based flexible working model.  Its core theory is that employees should be trusted to complete work on flexible time and space.  Compared with traditional workplace, ABW has characteristics of diversity, sharing and people-oriented as well as encourage people collaboration.   In terms of spatial layout, it allows greater communication between individuals and teams, which is conducive to cultivating closer relationships.  How will the workplace style change in the post-epidemic era, and how to adjust to cope with these changes?

Guest Speaker:

  1. Bruce Shao  - FTA Interior Design Director, WELL Certified Professional
  2. Yi Xu - PERKINS EASTMAN Architectural Designer
  3. Yaya Xue - B+H Architects Senior Interior Designer
  4. Marc Fong - Lamex Global Product Design Director
  5. Sabrina Lee - Lamex Workspace Design Director


Observe the post-epidemic workplace design from “Allen Curve”

  • Shenzhen Creative Week, Lamex, Media-Workplace Design
  • 26th July (Tuesday), 13:30 – 15:30
  • Booth: 5C26, Shenzhen Creative Week

Thomas Allen has found that the most successful teams aren't the smartest members, but the communicators. The possibility or frequency of communication and collaboration between people is inversely proportional to the physical distance between two people, which is the "Allen curve".

With the emergence of telecommuting after the epidemic, people think that "distance is dead" and the "Allen curve" will be outdated. However, human beings are social animals, and their need for group collaboration is an underlying psychological appeal.  The characteristics of this appeal have not changed even in the face of new technologies. Telecommuting is being popular but it reduces the possibilities for collaboration and interaction. In fact, those who were closer together communicated more often through video or phone conferencing than those who were further apart. So, to get employees to collaborate more, it cannot rely solely on virtual work but find ways to bring employees together to get them to collaborate more.

The "Allen curve" is closely related to workspace design. It is not only not outdated, but more solid, especially in the post-epidemic era.

Guest Speaker:

  1. Roy Feng - J&A Design, Senior Partner
  2. David Zhou - YHD Design, Partner
  3. Bill Chen - Guangzhou Shensi Interior Design, Founder
  4. Marc Fong - Lamex Global Product Design Director
  5. Navy Wang - Lamex Product Development Designer