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7 April, 2021

SuperLab – to explore the infinite possibilities of the future workplace

SuperLab – to explore the infinite possibilities of the future workplace, Lamex showcased 2 new products in the “2030+ International Future Office (IFO)”.

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24 March, 2021

Check out the highlights of SZCW 2021 & Design Forums!

The SuperLab that defines the future of our workplace Explore the concept of Lamex’s future workplace in SZCW IFO Exhibition.

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23 March, 2021

CIFF IFO x Lamex | 2030+ IFO (International Future Office) Exhibition | Let’s meet at IFO galaxy

Lamex joins the CIFF 2030+ IFO exhibition to present the concept of “Neighborhood Community” and Playces collection to express the ideas of the future workplace.

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8 March, 2021

Design Forum - "Merge", by SZCW and Lamex

Scan the QR code for live streaming on 17th and 18th March to join the Design Forum by SZCW and Lamex.

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2 March, 2021

Check it out! NO COFFEE NO WORK

Lamex invites you to join “Shenzhen Creative Week and Workplace Exhibition” and participate in our talks forums. Scan the QR code to pre-register and join for free!

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5 February, 2021

Preview | Let’s talk with designs and see you in Shenzhen in March

The Design Capital – Shenzhen is the new headquarter. The Shenzhen Creative Week (SZCW) is now extended to 5 days, from 17th March to 21st March, to show you the latest transformation of design and show you the future.

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