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31 July, 2023

Lamex Won 6 Important Awards in the Furniture Industry


In the post-pandemic era of 2023, Lamex has continued its good reputation in the industry.  Recently, Lamex was honored with six awards in the evaluation campaign held by the tender bidding brand research and public service platform, including "Top 100 Competitiveness Enterprises in the 2023 China Furniture Industry," "2023 China Top 10 Leading Brands of Furniture Suppliers," "2023 China Top 10 After-Sales Service Furniture Providers," "2023 China Top 10 Leading Brands of Green and Environmentally-Friendly Furniture," "2023 China Top 10 Quality-Assured Enterprises of Office Furniture," and "2023 China Top 10 Brands of Smart Office Furniture." These awards showcase Lamex’s comprehensive strengths in branding, design, manufacturing, and services.


Industry Pioneer. Top 100 Furniture Enterprises

Since its establishment in 1977, Lamex has steadily grown and developed into an office furniture enterprise that integrates product research and development, manufacturing, testing, training, and workspace design and planning.  Lamex has established a trustworthy and competitive office furniture brand that leads the industry's development. As a pioneer in the office furniture market in Greater China and other regions in Asia, Lamex's business scope covers the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and major cities in China.  Lamex provides instant local support and services with its professionalism and international expertise to customers in different regions. As one of the Top 100 Competitiveness Enterprises in the 2023 China furniture industry, Lamex can continue to create dynamic, efficient, and intelligent workplaces for customers to flexibly meet the ever-changing needs of work and life.



Original Design Leading the Industry

For Lamex, what truly set it apart as a leader in the furniture industry is their forward-thinking office furniture design concepts and the efforts to put those concepts into practice.  Lamex has consistently pursued excellence in quality, with efficiency, sustainability, and innovation as their guiding principles, resulting in a completely new definition of the workspace.

Lamex adheres to a people-oriented original design philosophy and advocates activity-based working, wellness and smart office.  Lamex co-creates with international designers to bring customers outstanding designs and cutting-edge solutions from around the world.  Lamex has its original Design Lab where designers are free to explore new ideas, inspire creativity, and quickly build 3D simulations and prototypes. Through observation, analysis, intention, evaluation, and testing, every good idea is transformed into a feasible and innovative product design solution. Meanwhile, Lamex co-creates with clients on product design, visits their workplace, listens to their needs and expectations, and helps them create innovative and personalized workspace solutions that embody individuality, vitality, health, and creativity.




Lean Manufacturing. Exquisite Quality

Lamex intelligent production center integrates production lines, design lab, test lab, and showroom, adhering to the lean management philosophy of "more, faster, better, and cheaper." It encourages all staff members to engage in continuous improvement, eliminates waste, enhances efficiency, and reduces cost, providing all-around support and services to customers worldwide. In terms of management philosophy, Lamex applies lean management concepts, using manufacturing execution systems and SAP multi-terminal management systems to achieve closed-loop management of data and information flow. This enables to efficiently manage and control production requirements, improve product quality, and provide customers with high-quality and reliable services.

Regarding quality control, Lamex has established stringent quality management system to ensure that products pass ISO certification, Greenguard certification, and comply with quality standards such as North American ANSI/BIFMA.  Lamex regularly sends its products to independent international third-party testing centers for testing, upholding high-quality design and manufacturing requirements, and ensuring that they can easily meet customers' higher quality needs.




Value Customer Experience

Lamex has always been a practitioner in providing perfect customer services, continuously improving its services to ensure that customers enjoy a great experience.  Its persistent efforts over the years have established its position as a market leader in customer services.

With the establishment of a professional, efficient, and meticulous sales and service team, Lamex ensures that every step of the process from sales, design, transportation, installation to after-sales services can respond to customer needs with speedy, flexibility and efficiency to solve problems empathetically for customers.

By setting up showrooms and sales branches in key markets such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, and developing a nationwide dealer network, Lamex can provide customers with workplace solutions and after-sales services that integrate international trends with local tastes in the most efficient way.




Value Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Developing sustainable office furniture solutions is Lamex corporate responsibility and an ongoing journey. From manufacturing facilities and processes to product design and supply chain, Lamex is committed to sustainable development. The roof of our factory features a transparent design to maximize the use of natural light and reduce energy consumption. High-energy-consuming machines are replaced and upgraded with technology and automation to reduce energy consumption. The wastewater treatment system allows for the recycling of water for reuse. Waste materials are scientifically and reasonably recycled. Products are designed to minimize their environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, using sustainable materials that can contribute to achieving international standards and certifications. The supply chain is strictly monitored, and Lamex partners solely with high-quality material suppliers who can meet the requirements.  Lamex has also re-engineered packaging design and optimized packaging with recyclable materials to reduce packaging and transportation waste.

The sustainable development of Lamex is widely recognized in the industry and had obtained environmental certification since 2004. Lamex implemented an environmental management system and integrated the concepts of intelligence and sustainability into its workplaces across the regions. Through years of relentless development, Lamex has become one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province and has awarded the Hong Kong Outstanding Brand for 20 consecutive years, as well as numerous awards for leadership in the China furniture industry.  This year, Lamex was honored with awards such as the Top 10 Leading Brands in Sustainable Furniture and the Top 10 Quality Assured Enterprises in Office Furniture, which are a testament to its commitment to its sustainable contribution.





Leading To a Smart Future

Success in the digital age depends on the ability of a company to respond quickly to the unique needs of its customers.  Lamex has created dynamic, efficient, and intelligent workspaces for customers in industries such as law, finance, technology, and fashion, with the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of work and life and the fast-growing business needs of companies.  Lamex has become a supplier of office furniture to well-known companies such as Flextronics, Dell, Philips, Huawei, Bank of Communications, Manulife Financial, Sun Hung Kai Financial Group, etc.  Its furniture is highly favored by customers for its comfort, sense of harmony and freedom, and its integration into space aesthetics.

Lamex firmly believes that an ideal office furniture brand can support customers in achieving strategic goals, promoting corporate culture, and motivating employees. Therefore, Lamex closely follows the needs of customers, providing flexible and reasonable solutions, and supplements with smart technologies to provide a high-quality workplace to adapt to their constantly changing business needs.

Lamex has always been an innovator and practitioner in the industry, leading the way in new trends in office furniture.  The unremitting efforts over the years have established its position as a market leader in the furniture industry. For Lamex, valuing customer experience and providing best value to customers has been the core value of the company.  In the future, Lamex will uphold its belief in corporate development and lead the healthy and sustainable development of the furniture industry to leading more enterprises into a smart future.