Lamex Smart Production Center


Feeling the space from the furniture. Get to know Lamex from the furniture.

Lamex strives for excellence in quality, with high efficiency, sustainability and innovation as the cornerstone, to make a new definition of workspace.

This is the Lamex Smart Production Center, with production lines, design lab, test lab, showroom, etc. We are adhering to the lean management concept of "more output, faster, better quality and cost-efficiency" to drive continuous improvement by all employees, eliminate wastes, improve efficiency and reduce costs, and provide a full range of support and services to customers around the world. 

We have six smart production lines, including laminate, MCG, panel, seating, soft seating, and veneer. Possess comprehensive smart manufacturing capabilities, integrated with international leading equipment and self-developed Manufacturing Execution System. On the basis of ensuring efficiency and quality, we can flexibly handle customized orders and production of mixed products. 

Meanwhile, we have a stringent quality assurance system and supplier monitoring and rating system featuring checks and balances throughout the manufacturing processes. Our products are ISO certified, Greenguard certified and comply with North American ANSI / BIFMA quality standards. We rely on independent and internationally accredited test labs to ensure our products consistently meet our quality standards. Our commitment to “Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Sourcing” ensures that the products can easily meet the higher quality needs of customers.

Benefits from lean management and the concept of sustainable development, Lamex has significantly improved the overall efficiency of the production center. Through the manufacturing execution system and SAP system, the data and information flow are fully managed to control production efficiency, prioritize multiple orders production and reduce abnormal situations. Quickly check the order status, make an appointment for on-site installation and after-sales services support through the mobile application to ensure that our users can enjoy high-quality and efficient support and services. By establishing the Lamex Design Lab, our designers are free to explore new ideas and work together with international designers to bring customers great designs and thoughtful solutions. We co-create innovative solutions with customers to create a personalized, healthy, creative and efficient workplace.

From nature, back to nature. Lamex is constantly advancing on the journey of sustainable development, taking environmental protection as its corporate responsibility and implementing the cornerstone of the brand. We implement a comprehensive sustainability program on manufacturing planning, product design, sustainable materials, processes, talent development, operating systems and tools to consistently reduce the impact on the environment. Bringing the good life back to nature.