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Lamex News

24 September, 2021

Lamex New product | Pier – Connect & Support

Lamex launches the Pier Collaborative Sofa. By combining extraordinary comfort and technologies, it creates collaborations in a workplace.

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20 September, 2021

Your secret garden in the workplace – Lumin Lounge

To satisfy the needs for the combination of meeting and collaborative works, Lamex has launched the Lumin Lounges for 1-2 people and 4-8 people.

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5 May, 2021

Infini | Innovative, Collaborative, Working and Living

In this article, we will show you more of the natural and collaborative workplace solution by Infini of Sizza.

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27 April, 2021

Infini | Inspire Your Workplace

Lamex launches “Infini” Series of Sizza, which helps create an effective and collaborative area in any modern workplace.

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15 December, 2020

Aside | Storage Essentials

The Aside Storage Solution by Lamex is a versatile solution to present essential storage furnishing that are ideal for different modern workplaces. Open this message to read more!

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23 September, 2020

Majesty+ | Leadership Style for Elite Workspaces

Majesty+ is the executive furniture solution that embraces elegance, details and advanced functions.

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