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3 January, 2024

Quay | Various Innovations with Flexible Extensions


In today's fast-paced work environment, we are constantly faced with ever-changing work demands and challenges. In order to allow employees to enjoy a comfortable and convenient workplace and improve work efficiency, more and more companies begin to adopt flexible working mode.

Flexible working is a working mode with freedom, innovation and personalization as its core concepts. It is different from traditional fixed workstations, allowing employees to choose their office locations, working hours and collaboration modes more freely. It is flexible and can quickly switch working modes. In this way, employees can quickly create an open office space to collaborate and interact with colleagues; they can also choose a quiet corner to focus on working independently; they can even work in non-traditional places such as rest areas and outdoors. This kind of freedom and flexibility enables employees to devote into different work tasks and environments and increase productivity.

In order to meet the growing market demand, Lamex has launched Quay, an innovatively designed power spine product to further enhance the convenience and comfort of agile office and create a workspace full of surprises and creativity for you.

Flexible Extensions and Versatile Collaboration

The lightweight and cutting-edge Quay power spine allows the connecting parts to be freely disassembled and spliced, and the angle can be adjusted for easy and quick installation. Quay power spine is available in 4 different lengths, extending outward like a tree. It can form an ideal ecological space according to the needs of different office scenes. You can also use independent fixed or removable base options to easily create your own layout to support the needs of various tasks.


Quay power spine can easily create a variety of office spaces. In addition to providing convenient power connections, it can also be flexibly connected to different work surfaces. For example, Longhouse and Duplex eHAD can be used together to provide colleagues with collaborative consultation with an office space for convenient interaction. Furthermore, Quay can also be used with Hockey training table to create training and quick meeting areas to promote team communication; It can also be used with leisure furniture to provide an area with rest function, allowing colleagues to increase communication and interaction, taking into account the physical and mental health of employees, and adding a touch of fun to busy work. At the same time, Quay can improve space utilization and achieve 1+1>2, making the workspace more creative and efficient.

Easily Connect with Full Power

Except for supporting different site layouts, Quay power spine’s connection mode allows the power cord and network cable to be hidden from the ground through the spine to ensure that the wires are not exposed to keep the office environment clean and tidy. In the meanwhile, there are multiple series power sockets on both sides of the surface to provide continuous power support for the office space, allowing employees to enjoy efficient office work.

Separate but Connected, with Various Combos

Even better, Quay can also be equipped with a variety of combinations such as partition screens, hanging screens and green planters. If the power spine is the "trunk", the extended screens and green planters are the green leaves and flowers dotted on the branches, combined with its strong agility, create an ever-changing ecological workplace. Its movable screen can provide a semi-private space for workstations, promoting focused and efficient working and collaboration. When Quay is used with a high desktop, it allows employees to enjoy some coffee and interact easily. Moreover, green plants can be added to the built-in planters to add vitality to the workplace and benefit both physical and mental health of employees. Quay can adapt to your business needs to create an agile, diverse and creative workplace.

The versatile Quay power spine brings convenience and flexibility to the workspace, ensuring the needs of individuals and teams can be easily and comfortably met.