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4 January, 2024

Pallo | It’s a must for flexible working!


In the office, everyone has different needs based on work requirements and personal habits. Being able to work flexibly and switch work modes conveniently is a topic that companies are constantly discussing. With the rise of hybrid working spaces, from fixed workstations to flexible workstations, customers need furniture matching spaces suitable for agile working styles, and employees’ upgrade needs. Seating plays an important role in working styles.

A new way to flexible working?  

Pallo meets your imagination for different spaces!

Smart, versatile and sustainable

This is how Pallo from Kokuyo defines flexible working!

Pallo's unique design brings endless fun to work. It can be well integrated into various scenarios, promote active team cooperation, and improve work efficiency.

Design Workshop

Last month, Lamex held a design workshop in Hong Kong showroom. We had fruitful exchanges and interactions with our designer friends on new ways of flexible working, and we were honored to invite designers from Kokuyo Japan to introduce the chair which won the 2023 Red Dot Design Award - Pallo. We have interesting sharing in a relaxed atmosphere, and in the surrounding of exciting ideas, the next innovative workplace can be born at any time!

Now, let us follow designer from Kokuyo Japan to know more about this playful chair series - Pallo!


Come see how flexible Pallo is!

Smart design

The simple and rounded armrests are shortened while maintaining functionality and comfort. The compact shape effectively saves space and reduces interference with the desktop and surrounding furnitures, allowing everyone to unlock the most suitable sitting posture.

The brand-new design brings a new experience to you and your space!


Various functions, such as, automatic adjustment locking and forward tilt provide you strong supporting.

From team collaboration to individual daily work, there are comfortable postures in all scenarios!


The backrest and seat cushion can be removed separately and can be quickly replaced without any tools.

Even if the seats get dirty or you want to change a color, you can switch the look of Pallo at any time! The parts can be recycled separately, making it versatile and fun as well as environmentally friendly!

Match as you like

Using backrests, seat cushions and brackets of different colors, Pallo can be mixed and matched to create ever-changing appearance styles. It can also be well integrated into various design scenes. Morandi? Maillard? Color it as you like!

Lamex understands well that in the modern working places, furniture suitable for agile working styles is crucial for improving work efficiency and keeping employees healthy. We believe that Pallo will bring you more comfort and full support.

This workshop is our first step to listen to market needs. We will continue to listen to the market and meet more expectations in the future. Welcome to contact us to explore the infinite possibilities of Pallo. Let us help you optimize your workplace with the latest agile working concepts, making your workplace more dynamic, flexible and innovative!