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26 August, 2020

An Amazing Montage-style Space Travel


2020 Shenzhen Creative Week and the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair was opened on 20th August. Expectation, Excitement, Enthusiasm for all people. It became the hottest topic on social media once it was opened. In 2020 Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition, Lamex led you to an amazing montage-style space travel.

Great Events beyond imagination

16 Exhibition Halls, 320,000 square meters, 7 Themes

1.7 Km long corridor throughout the venue which takes a round trip of 30 mins

700+ exhibitors, 200+ forums, new events everyday

Get refreshed in famous pop-up shops and keep exploring

An international exhibition of future workplace morphology (Hall 7)

The “Work Box” created by the 4 international design agencies: Gensler, M Moser, Space Matrix and B+H -  Foreseeing the future 2025

The “Adventure” by Gensler featured a wavy and semi-transparent design that surrounded the area, which implied that the space and people were interconnected. The “Cloud: Resonating Space” by M Moser combined Social, Physical and Digital design to create optimal work environments.  It divided the area into a free space for gathering creating a pleasant atmosphere like home. The “Boundless Space” by Space Matrix was designed as a circular and lively ecosystem that stimulated people’s imagination. The “Out of the Box” by B+H Architects was a hypercube 4 dimensional space, which illustrated the “Allegory of the cave” by Plato and explored the ideal state of our community. It stimulated led visitors to explore the relationships between time and space, technology and nature. The Playces collection by Lamex was suitable for offices, homes, hotels, airport lounge, café and restaurants. The Playces collection was exhibited to support the dynamic design and future workplace. It also highlighted the importance of versatility and interaction between individuals, organizations and space.