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15 December, 2020

Aside | Storage Essentials


What is the role of the storage solution in a workplace? “Supporting furniture”, “Accessories”, or “Not very important role” are the common answers by most people. However, these answers only give an inaccurate implication to the storage solution and do not represent their true connotations. Sometimes, "Small role" can have "big wisdom". A great storage solution may bring extraordinary results from a single and common function. It can actually play a very important role on the planning and development of a modern workplace.

The Aside Storage Solution by Lamex is a versatile solution to present essential storage furnishing that are ideal for different modern workplaces. It is designed to provide great storage experience for customers. With the inheritance of the versatility of Ergo Storage Solution, it combines the modern design, workplace planning and the sustainability toward our environments, to create a comprehensive storage solution.

Integrated for Workspace Essentials

Aside’s versatile collection presents essential storage furnishings that are ideal for perfectly integrated workspaces, promoting high-performance productive as well as active collaboration. Stay organized, through clean aesthetic storage solutions, versatile for all individual and group needs across a range of flexible work environments.

Storage for Every Setting

From open bookcases, magazine racks and TV credenzas to fully enclosed high cabinet and pedestals, through to a blend of open-door configurations, Aside’s accessible, secure storage adapts from individual workstations to shared, collaborative team settings for integrated workspaces. High-quality, durable and affordable, Aside is an aesthetic total solution.

Functionally Versatile for Private Offices

Every workspace requires its own solutions. Aside’s collection is user-friendly, flexibly assembly to solve storage needs from front to back office. Across sizes, finishes and configurations, its cohesive aesthetics present functional, efficient storage, suiting the needs of private office plans.