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5 August, 2020

The fable of working in space.


 “A Space Odyssey”, is a classic movie of science fiction. “The Three-Body Problem” demonstrates the conflicts between different cultures, while “Blade Runner” showcases the ambiguity and contradiction between human and the cloned. While we are reading fiction or watching movies, we always have the imagination of how the future is like. And some of the classic clips of movies and fictions are always the creative source. 

The amazing and fascinating stories of science fiction are at some levels the elaboration of our works and lives. With the high bit music, the story scene arouses our emotion. In the physical and rational scenes, it reminds us of reality and leads us to imagination. But what would happen when we bring it to you in person? From 27th to 30th of July, the 45th China International Furniture Fair was held in Guangzhou. At the fair, China Furniture Association and  China International Furniture Fair co-created a themed fair, named “2030+ International Future Office ”. This themed fair invited a number of international corporate like Lamex, Haworth, X-WORK, Fritz Hansen MagisTrue Design, Jingdong, BULL, Canon and some other famous and local brands. The theme of this fair was “OASIS”. It demonstrated a state of lives by combining images, texts, multi-media and real objects in a creative way. It created a collaborative and co-existing utopian world. A space was like a trigger that stimulated our senses, led us to different dimensions and fosters our boundless imagination.