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20 March, 2020

Foster responsiveness and efficiency for Alibaba

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2020 may not start very well, but it must get a great ending! This is why many technology firms are still working very hard. As one of the top 10 technology firms in the world, Alibaba chooses to keep bringing innovation to us, and it is the reason why they are always ahead in the market. But, have you ever wondered how people work and live in Alibaba? Today, we give you a tour in the heart of Alibaba.

As a technology firm, Alibaba’s teams are always responsive and effective. Multi-tasking is a common task for their members. Members have to communicate and collaborate with different teams and departments for co-organizing projects while sometimes, they have to focus to finish their personal tasks. Rest and recharge are also the elementary activities in their daily lives. By making a deep analysis on their daily lives, Lamex provides Alibaba with a Community Workplace Solution – Longhouse and Playces.

Longhouse – The community with warmth.

Longhouse is comprised of 3 constituents: Bench, Social Table and Pavilion. Longhouse creates a community where we focus, collaborate and rest.
The Bench gives us personal time and space for focus works. The Bench comes with End Extension and Shared Surface that allow quick discussion and collaborative with people. It saves times from moving to a conference area for discussion or meeting.
The Social Table allows a 4-6 people meeting and collaboration in a causal environment. It will be a good fit for creative meeting, sharing, learning and video conferencing.
The Pavilion provides a quiet environment for relax and recharge. It is an ideal place for people to relax, meditate, and inspire in the workplace.  

Members of Alibaba work, collaborate, communicate, meet and rest in Longhouse. It results in greater work engagement and satisfaction among members, fostering high efficiency and close relationship among and within teams.