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22 April, 2020

Have you ever noticed the ongoing change in your workplace?

Design Trends

It is a strategic asset to express unique corporate value, brand and cultural messages. All these ongoing changes are driving workplace planning to be more complex and detailed. Designers not only balance the different needs of business development and property costs, but also make workplace design solutions in line with the mission of the company and sustain the company's competitive advantage.

5 Main Elements for the designs of a modern workplace

Nurture the corporate culture: Workplace is a tool for nurturing and expressing corporate culture.

Attract and retain talents: A workplace is not only designed for employees to meet with the customers but also a place where dynamic activities occur.

Encourage innovation and creativity: Sustainable innovation and creativity are essential for every company to obtain and maintain the corporate competitive advantages. 

Optimize space utilization: Every company ever drives to optimize the property management for saving costs and maximize asset returns.  

Foster collaboration: The open and collaborative workplace is now a common design for companies. However, there are still many details working to enhance better cross-departmental communication.

The new standard for the environment: Comfort & Technology

Everyone desires for an awesome workplace. The workplace of mega-tech companies become the benchmark across industries. The reason behind this trend is simple. The comfortable and collaborative working environment is now the king.  People pay more attention to flexible and community workplace with different functional spaces, multi-faceted large displays, cafe-style furniture...etc, that drives the workplace design to a new direction.