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12 January, 2023

Interview | Design New Workspace and Create New Value for Employees

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Every corporate experience of innovation and breakthrough always inspires today's and tomorrow's leaders.

Business Innovator, Asia's leading content platform of business innovation, invited CEOs and senior executives of companies that have won the 2021 Innovative Business Solution Awards to conduct an interview and share their innovative ideas and business expertise, encouraging brands from all sectors to maintain the spirit of breakthrough and innovation, promote the development of the industry with creativity, and create a new economic momentum for the market.

Lamex is honored to receive the 2021 Best Workplace Environment Solution Award and be invited for an interview. Lamex Vice President of Sales, Mr. Sam Cheng and Design Director, Mr. Marc Fong provide insights on different business perspectives, from product innovation to customer demand to corporate social responsibility.



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Lamex was founded in 1977 and is an office furniture company integrating product development, production, testing, training and workspace planning. As a pioneer in the office furniture market in greater China and the rest of Asia, we provide integrated office furniture solutions with local support and global expertise.

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We believe that there is no one office space solution that will satisfy all customers. Every customer has a unique culture, the demand for development, space planning, different team functions and personal requirements. So we work very hard to understand and analyze the different needs of customers, with innovative products and agile concepts to meet customers' various needs and space planning and to tailor workspace solutions for customers.

Q = Business Innovator

S = Sam Cheng

M = Marc Fong


Q: Please briefly introduce Lamex latest product series.

M: The design philosophy of the "Playces" product series is "Work, Play & Rest". This series allows employees to focus on their work and helps the team collaborate and create. Integrate play and rest into work to create a happy and positive workspace, allow employees to face work issues and interpersonal relations with a healthy and relaxed attitude, and effectively improve performance and team cohesion.

Q: How to co-create innovative solutions with customers?

M: The main selling model of office furniture industry is Business to Business (B2B). In a challenging environment, many companies are also trying different sales models such as B to C or B to E, as well as using different social media to promote. We believe that Co-creation is the future of B2B selling model. At present, we have co-creation with many international famous enterprises, such as Alibaba, HP, Meta, Okta, etc. Technology companies now account for the largest share, but we believe that more industries will participate in co-creation model in the future.

Q: Please introduce Lamex services.

S: The biggest difference between us and other enterprises is that we have a professional original design team in the local area, which can meet the special needs of different markets and provide exclusive customized services for customers. The market is evolving in a very interesting way nowadays. Workspace and requirements are constantly changing, and new concepts are constantly emerging. Recently we have served Alibaba, a well-known brand whose needs are unique. Our design team interacted with their team for many times to understand their cultural needs and development plans in the process of co-creation and to create customized products for them.


Q: How to maintain a leading edge in the industry?

S: Space planning and applications are changing rapidly. My biggest feeling is that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from two years ago had a big shift on our concept of spatial applications. The change is a challenge for us, but I believe it will not be a problem. I pay particular attention to the following two points. Firstly, we need to maintain close contact with the market, and secondly, we must rely on our professional design team to constantly come up with innovative ideas and launch original new products to cope with different changes such as the change in space application and the rejuvenation of the workforce. It is also a challenge for companies to adapt to the needs of the younger generation for workspace.

Q: What is the company’s future direction?

S: There are two main directions. The first is innovation and the second is emission reduction. We are practicing sustainable development and making progress toward our zero emissions goal by implementing different approaches. We have always been a leader in Hong Kong, China and want to maintain our leadership position, but we will also continue to look for new partners and development opportunities to increase our market share and advantage in response to the many development opportunities in other regions of China.

Today, every business is facing challenges from different directions and we must keep up with market demands and grow our business with innovative business solutions. It is also necessary to improve the workplace with office solutions that suit our own work patterns and the dynamic needs of our employees to increase employee value and product quality.

Business position is evaluated by every customer through the service experience and quality of the company, and judged by the community through the sustainable development level of the company. Therefore, Lamex responds to changes with innovation, focuses on quality and details, and puts people first, and works hand in hand with brands with innovative ideas from all walks of life!