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23 September, 2020

Majesty+ | Leadership Style for Elite Workspaces


Executive Desk is always elegant. The Majesty by Lamex was launched in 2008. It has been one of the most popular executive furniture solutions in the industry. Majesty+ is a new creation with the inspiration of Majesty. Majesty+ is aimed at enhancing the classic design, and elaborating the elegance, details, and quality.

Majesty+ Executive Series combines sophistication, craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics, to create the ideal workspace for elite executives. Enriched by designed details and inspired by the elegant design of Majesty series, Majesty+ highlights the advanced refinement and craftsmanship. The bevelled edge around the desk highlights the stability of the double-layer structure and the minimalistic outlook, and enhances the overall smoothness of the product. Featuring strong, sleek lines and resilient details, its delightful surprises include refined crafted-edge design, a multi-functional height adjustable desk (HAD) and a full range of storage. The luxurious veneer and grain appearance are extravagant, showcasing true power and leadership prestige.  

Perfect for All Setting

Made for business leaders, Majesty+ offers a quiet discussion area for hosting visitors and business partners for meetings while its’ concentrated work area presenting an efficient, high-performance workspace. The perfect setting consists of executive desk, storage options and meeting furniture. Majesty+ is a beautiful all-in-one solution that perfectly reflects your executive status.

Dignified Authority for Decision Making

The impressive design of Majesty+ conference table features strong lines that convey strength and power. Its’ resourceful environments for conferencing are made for professional leaders for professional meetings and effective communication, featuring an inspiring setting that fosters important decisions and inventive strategies.

Relaxed Business Dialogues

Majesty+ combines elegant comfort and everlasting aesthetics, with genuine leather offering exceptional durability. The confidential setting is ideal for formal business meetings and relaxed conversations, for efficient, successful deals.

Product Features

Executive Desk with Return Cabinet

Bespoke Crafted Edge Design

Multifunctional Box with Main Power + USB + HDMI + Network

Storage Box Allows Stationeries and Personal Items

Convenient Wireless Charger

Additional Storage Space for Personal Handbag and Suit Case

Storage Space for Compact Refrigerator

Conference Table

Hidden Cable Wires Storage

Hinged Door Tower Base Opening for Convenient Cable Management

Executive Cabinet Set

Functional Drawer with Bespoke Crafted Edge Design

Wall Unit Cabinet Shelving for Display

High and Low Cabinet Set

Swing Door Cabinet with Hanging Rail is an Option