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27 February, 2020

Playces | Work, Play and Rest Everywhere

Design Trends , Product

Many of us must have imagined about the life of Small Office and Home Office, working the flexible hours and having flexible resting times. But the reality is hardly achieved. While we have chance to work at home recently, do you look forward to going back to the city and your workplace?

With the rise of automation, our uniquely human traits such as creative problem-solving, reasoning, negotiation and empathy, will become more important than ever. Individual work will diminish. Collaboration, and work involving more than one person, will become the dominant way of working in the future.

Today our workplace is evolving to be a wonderful combination of office, home, café, hotel and wellness center.  This dynamic environment is called “Playces”.  It is a place where our community gathers to work, play and rest.