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15 June, 2020

Privi | Simply Better.


Featuring clean lines, clever details and practical aesthetic value, Privi’s contemporary design presents excellent value for money compared to general storage. Its superb performance and multifunctional profile is presented in a slim frame, allowing for ideal space solutions that easily slot into any workplace.

Lamex is dedicated to innovating and providing creative and quality workplace solutions. Besides office chairs and desks, Lamex understands that people always long for quality workplace storage solutions. Privi solution is designed to satisfy the storage needs of people. To cope with the demands of people to interact between focus works and collaborations, Privi launches new items for team and personal storage: Server, Sidekick and Pocket. From personal workstations, collaborative areas to meeting areas, we can now enjoy the simplicity and convenience of Privi throughout the workplace.

Server (Team Storage)

Server blends unique aesthetics and modern design, expanding your personal storage for workspace essentials. As convenient as a trolley, it moves as you do, effortlessly sharing work tools or group belongings anywhere in the office. Empowering teams with vast storage space, Server offers true mobile collaboration.

Two built-in levels offer ample storage space for teams.

Easy-access power-hub, USB and wireless charger, for powering of personal devices.

Smart handle design for easy moving of cabinet, allowing for power cord wrapping when not in use, as well as hanging of personal bags or other items.

Wide countertop offers additional space for quick work for individuals and small groups.

4 360-degree casters under the cabinet offer free cabinet movement.

Sidekick (Personal Storage)

Sidekick provides a convenient and space-efficient storage solution for mobile workers who stay productive at their hot desks in the modern workplace. Compact yet practical, the mobile open-shelf cabinet accommodates the need to stow personal belongings and work tools easily.

Built-in unique three-layer of storage space is made to fit for different personal storage size and capability.

The raised edge design prevents items from falling down.

Extra slim design enhances seating comfort by enlarging extra leg room.

One-way casters offer extra smooth movement.

Pocket (Personal Storage)

The simple hanging Pocket provides an incredible storage space especially for use in Longhouse high bench and Avail height-adjustable desk, making it the most convenient solution for arm’s reach of personal items.

Slim and compact design provides convenient space saving solution for height adjustable desk.

Built-in unique two-layer of storage space is made to fit personal storage. The upper layer is PET material for a comfortable touch. The external slot is made for hanging MyTools and provides additional storage of arm reached personal items.

Digit lock is offered to provide security of personal belongings.

With the addition of the latest Personal Storage - Sidekick and Pocket, and Team Storage - Server, Privi ultimately becomes a comprehensive storage solution, making the focus work areas and collaborative areas more convenient and practical that further improves the workplace’s efficiency. Let’s contact with Lamex service personnel and arrange your ideal storage solution.