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20 August, 2020

Treehouse | From memories to the future


In 2019, Lamex introduced Longhouse, the Iban tribe long house dwelling re-imagined for our workplace. It is designed to activate “Neighbourhood Community” for the development of our workplaces, which quickly becomes a success in the industry and the favourite office furniture solution among customers. In 2020, we reveal the sibling of Longhouse – inspired by a truly enchanting place from our childhood – we now indeed have a Treehouse! Treehouse is designed to form hexagonal workspaces to create work community for 2 to 200 people.

Tree house is one of the fondest childhood memories for many people.  We climbed trees near our houses, with our siblings – a magical place of our own creation, here we learnt from one another to strategically use our limbs, spun stories amusing ourselves and consoled one another, grafting unbreakable bonds throughout the years to come.

Honeycomb Cluster Engages Everyone

Owing to its honeycomb formation, Treehouse ensures everyone is working within the core of the community, and no one exists as an outlier. Everyone is valuable and has a voice.

Treehouse uses the same round post from Longhouse, branching 3 ways, forming hexagonal workspaces that grow and multiply from 6 facets, creating an organic honeycomb of work cluster for as few as 2 persons to 200 strong work communities.

One Simple Turn to Connect

A small 5 person team, or work clan, enjoys a dedicated social central in the heart of their collective space, quickly and easily shift from concentrative work to collaboration or sharing and learning – by simply turning around. Treehouse, through designed intervention, makes the task of fostering community engagement and encouraging knowledge sharing all the easier.