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7 September, 2020

Trus | Free Motion X Modern Beauty


Trus is a remarkable new task chair that elevates our coherence, self-confidence and trusted collaboration in work environments.

Inspired by the aerial gymnastic corde lisse, Trus features a beautifully unique aerial back with an elegant, delicate framework. Strong and exceptionally flexible, it’s designed to adapt while supporting the spine, for seated postures that adjust as work activities change. The advanced intuitive seat recline functions for optimized comfort. You can trust in Trus. With Trus, enjoy unparalleled comfort.

Appealing Workplace

Trus helps you achieve a functional and comfortable workplace. Featuring a well-designed task chair that you’ll adore, Trus fits naturally in all environments, its modern, appealing design and high performance functionality adapting to your needs and work style. The well-thought-out environment creates a change of positive and delightful reaction.

Wellness Working

For workplace wellbeing, Trus is ergonomically designed for optimizing your comfort. The height adjustable bench presents the ideal setting for focused, engaged and productive work, where wellness and comfort are key.

Comfortable Collaboration

Trus eases collaboration, increasing comfort through its fully-cushioned back seat quality upholstery for a pleasant and understated look. Harnessing communication and aiding interaction, it’s ideal for casual dialogues or short discussions with partners, ensuring you’re always satisfied.