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7 September, 2021

The “COOL” Workplace of a Japanese Technology Giant

Consumer Products

Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
This and That One , Daily , Same , Ingage Sofa , Meta Cabin , Avail Height-Adjustable Desk , Privi , Array Task Stool

The technology industry is all about speed and innovation. For any company surviving and growing in the market, they are supposed to be highly effective in innovation of product development and marketing so that they can gain lots of loyal customers. Actually, in order to be innovative in both product development and marketing, many great companies, like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, etc,  not only spend lots of investment in these aspects, they also spend a lot to develop an innovative and effective corporate culture to foster creativity and innovative culture from the inside of the companies. It will results in an unduplicated and value competitive advantage for the companies.


There is a historical and famous Japanese technology giant who have regained a momentum for the developments of advanced and competitive products, and renovated their brand image by being innovative and creative to their customers. Like most of the competitors, they do not only look innovative. Actually they have built a creative culture from the inside of the company by building a creative workplace and culture to foster creativity within the organization. Today, we will give you a tour in their latest headquarter in Hong Kong.

In this headquarter, we can see a well-organized, colourful and collaborative workplace. The Space designer divide the whole area in terms of employees’ needs, works, into different sections like rest area, collaborative area, meeting area and work area, etc. Each area is adjacent to each other, which seamlessly connect people and support the Activity-based working (ABW) culture. On the hand, the designer also makes use of many supporting colours to feature with the White and Grey tone, to create an inspiring workplace.

The Innovation by The Collaboration . The Comfort by The Sky Blue

When we step into the entrance, we will be attracted by the Sky Blue ceiling. Right under the “sky”, there is the rest area and collaborative area. The “sky” is designed to provide a sense of peace and comfort to the area. With the addition of many collaborative furniture by Lamex, a comfortable and functional rest and collaborative area is created. Products used includes This and That One Coffee Table, Daily Coffee Table, Same Lounge Chair of Sizza, and the Ingage Sofa, etc. The combinations and configurations of furniture are complimentary that employees can choose where to work and rest by their mood and needs. In this rest and collaborative area, employees are also able to have quick team meeting and presentation. This hybrid work mode fosters the team communication, creativity and productivity.

Collaborative, but yet private.

Meta Cabin by Lamex is put in this rest and collaborative area, which allows employees to switch between personal works and private meeting. This rest and collaborative area is connected with the pantry. In the pantry, a series of Sure Stool is put next to the windows, which allows employees to work in a comfortable area of a wonder city view.

Functional and yet meaningful.

On the other side of the collaborative area, there is a work area, which is comprised of Avail Height-Adjustable Desk as the fundamental work desks for employees. The Avail Height-Adjustable Desk allows employees to switch freely between seating and standing work mode. To provide storage for employees, Privi Pedestal is provided next to the Avail Height-Adjustable Desk, which is also featured with planters for plants to style the work area. Each Avail Height-Adjustable Desk features with a semi-open panel, which allows communication between employees, without compromising their privacy. This type of work area design enables communication, interaction and creativity among employees.

Alongside with the windows, there is a customized long table with Same Lounge Chair of Sizza, which become a great option for employees to rest and work. They may work in a comfortable environment with a nice city view, or rest with a cup of coffee with their colleagues.

A customized meeting table is placed on the other side of the work area, which is designed for quick meeting and presentations.

To satisfy the needs for highly private work, a Quiet Booth is placed in the open work area. The Quiet Booth is in a combined panel of “S” shape. The specially designed half panel provide extra privacy and quiet for private works.

In the dynamic work area, employees are allowed to work freely in the area, which form a dynamic and collaborative culture and foster creativity from the employees.

Multi-functional Meeting Area.

The provision of meeting area in this workplace is another feature. Quantity of meeting areas is not the main focus, but the quality really makes a statement. Different meeting area has different purpose. The customized Avail High Table with 4 Array Task Stool is designed for small and quick meeting. The video conference room of 8 people is mainly designed for online conference. The big conference room is able to support conferences of 20+ people, and other important meetings.   

Each meeting area is equipped with Avail Conference Table. It provides comprehensive wire system under the simple and modern design to support daily meeting activities in the workplace.

The designer brings details into the interior design of the meeting area. The ceiling design, linear pattern on the wall, the strips and curves of the furniture, all these details interact with the inspiring colours to create and elaborate the “COOL” style throughout the workplace.

This project has made use of many Lamex furniture to create a Collaborative and ABW workplace, and foster an Innovative Work Culture. Besides being a strategic move to help build a solid brand image, it is also able to reinforce the corporate culture within the organization, and help build a bright future for the group.