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28 August, 2019

Wonders Group

IT & Telecom

Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Learning , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Avail Bench , Avail Desk , Array , Meta , Privi , Limber , Brava

Wonders Group Building intelligent cities

In the 5G generation, cities and corporate are enabled to collect Big Data in an unprecedented pace, and they are allowed to operate in a smarter way with the integration of more advanced technologies. The advanced network system also enables people to live in a more customized and intellectual way.

As a market leader in the intelligent city, Wonder Group has a very modern workplace that should be a typical reference for designers and cosmopolitans. Once enter the lobby of the mega building, there is a minimal interior design which has a vivid combination of black and white, intensified by the linear and scientific sensation.

Intellectual facilities, scientific blue tone, marble floor and rational color technology.

The cement ceiling is a typical symbol of industrial loft style. The working area in Wonders Group uses Avail Bench to make the best use of spaces and foster collaborations. The design of frameless desktop screen is an important element to illustrate the minimal style. 

The streamline design in the ceiling connects different areas.  Workstations with Array task chair is designed a comfortable place for people to focus on their works.

The Limber training tables and chairs enable different configurations to satisfy the needs of different speeches, brainstorm meetings, group discussions and trainings.

As the headquarters, the need of group meetings is frequent. Avail meeting table or bench is able to cater different needs and scales of the meetings.

In the multi-function areas, Limber training tables along with Array chairs can create different configurations to satisfy different meeting needs.

After the meeting, people can rest in the collaborative areas.  Meta sofa enables people to find their favorite configurations. From small group discussions to seminars, it is always able to find the best configuration to suit for your purpose.

The customized bar table of Brava with Velo stool enables harmony and comfortable atmosphere in the collaborative area.

In this modern workplace, Wonders Group is the pioneer in the market to advocate “City Resource Planning”, which is a concept of a systematic integration between cities. The core of the concept is about a formula of “3+1+N”. “3” represents citizen, corporate and government, “1” represents core which is also the system core of the Big Data Centre, and “N” represents the number of industries and systems. Embracing the 5G technologies, Wonders Group aims at building intelligent cities. Leading into smart future.

Project Name: Wonders Group
Location: Shanghai
Project Size: 8,000 sq fts
Office Furniture: Avail Bench, Array, Avail Desk, Meta, Privi, Limber, Brava, Velo