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29 June, 2023

Avail Go | Superior Performance, Dynamic Synergy


As the need and perceptions of workspaces constantly changing, working models and design concepts are also evolving. Openness, flexibility and collaboration are key elements in workplace design nowadays. A multi-dimensional open space can create an enthusiastic and flexible office environment, enabling people to integrate work, joy and interaction, and strike a balance between focused work and collaboration to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Flexibility, practicality, efficiency and collaboration – these are exactly what enterprises need for a diverse workplace at present, which can promote effective communication among employees, improve enthusiasm for work, enable employees to achieve their best performance while quickly responding to ever-changing business needs. Lamex meticulously created a brand new series of Avail Go bench and height-adjustable desk (HAD), which are designed for such working models and business needs and provide effective open space solutions for numerous enterprises.

Visually appealing work settings are essential for engaged, collaborative teams. Avail Go bench and height-adjustable desk present an attractive, pleasant and streamlined profile, blending performance, functionality and flexibility to boost efficiency. Avail Go enriches individual focus and teamwork in hybrid environments while enhancing productivity.


Avail Go Bench

Our dream of a modern and stylish workplace should be flexible and diverse, filled with freedom and elegance, where inspiration and ingenuity meet. 

Avail Go bench breaks the traditional working model, allowing for easy communication without interfering with each other and a seamless integration of focus and communication. Its lightweight and cozy design makes work both dynamic and static. It provides a private space at the workstation for thinking and creating that enables efficiency and productivity, while also facilitating easy communication and collaboration with colleagues in an open space.

Avail Go bench was born for the new concept of dynamic collaboration, helping you optimize space, reduce costs and increase profitability, maximize the utilization of work space. Fully utilizing of space assets will bring greater efficiency to employees and management to achieve the corporate philosophy of agility and sustainable development.

Avail Go bench comes with a variety of leg options to provide sturdy support. The durable, graceful and smooth round leg design can be integrated into various office atmospheres, improving overall aesthetic for workplace. The cable management system is perfectly hidden under the bench, making the desk surface neater and more attractive.  With a variety of cable trays, it provides employees with a continuous power supply to support their work.

Avail Go Height-Adjustable Desk

Companies adhere to the spirit of people-oriented and value both physical and mental health of employees.  Therefore, height-adjustable desk (HAD) has become an office trend that caters to diverse needs of employees in different situations, empowering work with its flexibility and versatility.

More and more epidemiological evidence shows that sedentary is an independent health risk factor that can lead to a variety of chronic diseases, including muscle and bone strain, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers, etc.  The School of Public Health at Texas A&M University found that study participants experienced a 75% reduction in physical discomfort and a 46% increase in productivity after using standing desks for six months.

With just one touch, the height of the Avail Go HAD can be easily adjusted to fit different body needs to provide maximum comfort! Maintaining a good working posture and stretching the body can bring inspiration and creativity.

All in all, the combination of standing and sitting alternately reshapes the traditional working styles. It breaks the monotony and physical harm caused by sedentary, makes work more fascinating, enhances productivity while maintaining work-health balance, achieving the three goals of maintaining a good physique, staying healthy and improving work efficiency all at once!

The memory handset makes the combination of standing and sitting more convenient. The two-level memory function can preset the standing and sitting heights to achieve quick switching. In addition, the sedentary reminder function of the Avail Go HAD can set the reminder time according to your own needs, taking care of you in hard-working days.

Blending quality and aesthetics, Avail Go HAD harmonizes superior value and performance across diverse applications.

Avail Go series also offers different combinations of workstations and colorful screens to match the space design and practical function requirements of different enterprises.

The future office environments will be people-oriented.  Avail Go series is designed for open, flexible and collaborative office spaces, which can help enterprises to facilitate the agile transformation of various working modes and to promote the success of team and individual work goals for business development and growth.