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28 April, 2023

Award | Lamex Won Three China Innovative Office Furniture Design Awards


March 26, 2023, the China Office Furniture Innovation Design Award Ceremony hosted by Design Epoch and OfficeUnion was held in Guangzhou. Lamex has been awarded the Office Intelligence TOP 10, Office Meeting TOP 10 and Office System Excellence after multiple evaluation by the professional panel of judges of the award.

China Innovative Office Furniture Design Award focuses on office furniture and workspace upgrade and with the mission and vision of optimizing the office environment, this competition discovers outstanding works and allows more outstanding designers to gain attention.

Chengwen Zhuang (Vice Governor of Guangzhou Haizhu District People's Government), Ke Wang (President of Guangdong Furniture Association), Chuanxi  Zhang (Founder of China Quality Home & Lifestyle Fair and Club/ Rotating Chairman of Guangdong Home Furnishing Industry Federation), Zhaoming Xu (Office Environment Expert/Founder of OfficeUnion), Zibiao Zhuang (Chairman of OfficeUnion Media Group)

As a design award in the field of office furniture, the competition aims to consider humanized, modular, functional and intelligent design, and select the most powerful design projects or products that meet market demand through a fair and professional review process based on the five major rules of integration, innovation, aesthetics, communication and functionality to promote the progress and development of the office industry.

Victoria Shum (Lamex Marketing Director) was invited to receive awards


These awards are not only the recognition of our hard work for 46 years, but also the recognition of our innovative design. As a pioneer in the office furniture market in greater China and the rest of Asia, we insist on innovation as the driving force of brand and are committed to creating customized, flexible and efficient, human-centered, happy and intelligent office space for every customer.

The participating brands and designs are constantly innovating and optimizing. Lamex is proud to have won 3 professional awards and take this opportunity to share our winning products.



Office Intelligence TOP 10

Will you recall sitting and standing working when you think of height adjustable desk? 3 level of adjustable height memory? Duplex is a hot-selling product line of Lamex. I believe you are familiar with its basic features, including elegant appearance, neat cable management and convenient collaboration, which are Duplex's insight and support for modern workspace needs.


Innovation is boundless. In response to market demand, we have launched the Duplex eHAD desk that supports ad hoc and agile teamwork for mobile and flexible working environment. You no longer have to worry about your desk and computer not keeping up with you! The flexible work won't get stuck at the workstation!



Office Meeting TOP 10

Now that ChatGPT and other new AI tools are sweeping the world. People believe that innovation is the key to success. More workspaces need furniture like the Hockey series that can keep up with the speed of the future developments and create an office environment that fosters active collaboration and creativity among employees.

Hockey is designed to support mobile workplace teamwork and agile learning needs through a family of mobile elements from ganging desks to writable screens. Lamex designed this series to encourage teams to take the initiative to change combinations conveniently and to change the space functions instantly according to their own needs. It helps different industries, departments and companies of different sizes to adapt mobile working in a space where they can create and communicate freely at any time. Featuring a slide-to-link connection, Hockey desks link with one another intuitively in no more than few seconds, actually speed up meetings, training, learning and communication. So innovation doesn't have to wait around for a conference room or worry about teams not communicating properly at their workstations.



Office System Excellence

The Lumin series is a popular choice for our customers because of its combination of sustainability, smart energy efficiency and noise management. Its popularity not only represents the market's recognition of our excellent acoustic and ventilation systems, environmentally friendly materials, and energy-efficient designs, but also represents society's demand for recyclable products and social responsibility.

We have developed Lumin phone booth, Lumin lounge room and Lumin meeting room that can accommodate 1 to 8 people depending on the size of the space and the needs of the customer, allowing everyone in the companies to have a quiet room that fits their needs. It also balances the different ways of working and better manages the noise in the workspace.

In the process of innovative design and new product development, Lamex incorporates the vision of the future office trend, customer needs and the concept of lean design to create the ideal workspace for every customer with high quality and innovative products.

Lastly, we would like to thank all sectors of the industry once again for their recognition and support of Lamex's innovative capabilities, and also thank Design Epoch and OfficeUnion for launching the competition for the office furniture industry, encouraging the Chinese office furniture industry to continue to lead development with innovation, helping the industry to explore and upgrade, and cultivating more Chinese original office furniture designs!

Lamex will continue to give back to society with innovation in the future, continue to steadfastly implement innovation, activate the vitality of workspace with innovative products, and create a workspace that walks side by side with the future!