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7 August, 2019


Other Sectors

Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Avail Bench , Array

Agoda is an international digital platform providing hotel booking service on our palm. Agoda has now entered the Chinese Market. Their headquarters is located in Shanghai to connect and direct their businesses. Creativity and innovation are the elements they value. Hence, their headquarters is specially shaped and designed to inspire the creativity of their people and live freely in the workplace.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

Avail Bench without panels encourage free flow of communication and collaboration. 

Numerous meeting rooms in different scale support for different meeting purposes, from conferencing and training to small meeting.

Meeting furniture in white color tone provides a modern look for the meeting areas to align with the interior design.  

The versatility of collaborative areas provides flexible solutions for multiple work activities, such as instant meetings, team discussions, collaboration, and focus works.

Multicolored tones of interior were applied to create a fresh outlook and spirit.



Enhances openness, communication and flexibility for changing the work activities.

Fosters a brighter and energetic working environment; reinforces working spirit.

Space utilization efficiency and flexible reconfiguration for the future change of business needs.

Enhance employee connectivity.