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6 November, 2020

The AI Technology Company in Beijing

IT & Telecom

Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Meta , Sizza Bench , Sizza Panel , Envolve Conference , Sven , Perch

Project Reference of an AI Technology Company | Decrypt the 4 main spaces of the community

Young generation, Technology and Collaboration are the keys considerations to create the 4 main work spaces for the company. Lamex provides innovative product solutions to cope with the evolving needs of customers and to create dynamic workplaces where people can focus on work, share and collaborate.

Today, we will visit an AI company which is dedicated to the development of L4 Self-Driving Technologies and Applications. Their latest invention is the application of self-driving technology on trucks for autonomous freight network. They are making the leading position in the field of unmanned cargo industry.

Entering to the lobby of main building, elegant gray tone is given people a cool visual experience and impression.  The use of a large area of white marble on the floor and black mirror on the ceiling extends the elegance throughout the lobby, which creates a strong futuristic sense of technology.

01 Collaborative Area

Comfortable public and social area in warm, wooden and grey sensation.

In the first stage of the design, a large area of collaboration space was expanded and set up to connect two floors. On the other side of the collaborative area a background wall of 2 storeys displays the brand identity and slogan. The ceiling of elegant grey is used to contrast with the wood collaborative furniture and dotted with warm lighting to create a comfortable gathering space for rest and collaboration.

02 Working Area

Open and Collaborative | Green Pattern Stitching

The second stage of the design emphasizes on employee centric of the corporate culture. It advocates equality of all people within the organization. The majority of employees of this company are generation Z, who love to work in an open and collaborative space. Being inspired by the Logo, Green color is added into the theme of this area. With the pattern stitching style, Green color blocks are distinguished to create funs for the environment.

The Bench and Panel of Sizza collection are designed optimize the office space to the greatest extent and enhance the ability of teamwork. The linear and L-shaped setups satisfy the needs of different work modes. The neat design and simple configurations  maximize efficiency of employees. The Avail open workstation with Privi pedestal and locker provides sufficient storage. The workstation can divide in form of focus work and mobile working according to work needs.

03 Meeting and Training Area

Free to inspire and create.

The third stage of the design emphasizes the corporate culture of project collaboration and learning.  In a technology company, teams have various forms of work and tasks, thus they need a high level of flexibility space to create and work - open, semi-open meeting areas to cater various meeting needs of the teams. With the video conferencing equipments, teams are able to do remote collaboration and stimulate creativity The Envolve conference table supports multimedia equipments for remote meetings, fosters collaboration, promotes video conferencing and training, and brainstorming. 

Today's classroom and training environment need to quickly respond to different functional requirements, such as lectures, brainstorming, and group discussions. Limber is designed to support meetings and training of different scales and forms of evolving developments and learning of the company. The partition can quickly divide the large training room into 2 individual meeting rooms for smaller group meetings.

04 Leisure Area

Relax and recharge

People always need areas for rest, recharge and leisure chatting. A nice leisure area is now a symbol of a humanized workplace, where is the fourth stage of the design. In order to relieve pressures of employees, the area is set away from the working area.  A novel and lively Perch sofa in warm colors is placed alongside with Sven Lounge Chair, Ingage stools, and Colony occasional tables to create a comfortable and relaxation area for people to relax and have a coffee break.

Modern leisure space has become more functional and dynamic, and transform from simple staff resting rooms, pantry to the modern dining area, café, library, recreation room, wellness center, etc. Those employees in this company can have a perfect work-life balance in the workplace.

In this project, the Lamex Design Team considers the elements of young generation, technology and collaboration to create the 4 main work spaces for the company. By providing different innovative products and solutions, Lamex is dedicated to create a neighborhood community where people get inspired, communicate and collaborate.