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7 August, 2019

Carrier Corporation

Consumer Products , Manufacturing

Workspace type:
Work , Private , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Ingage Sofa , Verta , Limber , Avail Bench , Avail Desk

Carrier Corporation is a globally renowned manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products. To cope with the rapid development in China, they have expanded their manufacturing plants and offices in Shanghai. With the help of Lamex, their new office has now become a new workplace where people enjoy to work and live. From workstations, meeting rooms, to collaborative areas, Lamex has created a workplace that is able to satisfy their employees’ activity-based working and reinforce their working performance.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

The open area is composed by Avail Bench with frameless panels and high standing table, where entices people to communicate and collaborate.

Avail Standing Bench is set up nearby workstation for employees to have instant meeting activities. “Sit-Stand” position also enables employees to have a healthier working experience. 

Ingage sofa series create collaborative areas in various locations for social interaction and instant meetings.

Verta and Relate ergonomic chairs provide long-lasting support for employees.

Multi-colored tone aligns brand image and brings a lively working environment.



A dynamic, efficient and stylish office space enhances employee connectivity and work performance.

A comfortable and bright working environment boosts working spirit and enhances productivity.

Address to evolving change of work activities and long-term business needs.