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Lamex Joins KOKUYO Group and Starts a New Future with KOKUYO Furniture China

Lamex and KOKUYO Furniture China have formally become the same group company and are moving towards a new stage together.

Kokuyo Official Website

The New Lamex Shanghai Workplace Centre is now open!

The New Lamex Shanghai Workplace Centre is already open to public, you can now also experience it virtually on our website.

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The New Lamex Workplace Centre for you to explore

The New Lamex Hong Kong Workplace Centre is already open to public, you can now also experience it virtually on our website.

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Airfort2 - As Versatile as Air itself

Continuing the classic design of AIRFORT, upgraded lumbar support, sitting aid cushion and adjustable headrest. Colorful one-piece color design, so that the office is no longer dull with flexible parts replacement.

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Entry 2 - Sit Smart, Work Better

Redefine the way you work, elevate your comfort, andembrace a chair that's more than just a seat—it's acatalyst for your professional excellence.

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Superior Performance, Dynamic Synergy.

Avail Go series was born for open, flexible and collaborative workplaces.

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Quay - Various Innovations with Flexible Extensions

The versatile Quay power spine brings convenience and flexibility to the work space, creates an agile, diverse and creative workplace.

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A trusted partner in the workplace.

A nod to all the extraordinary high flying performers, Trus is a remarkable new office chair that elevates our coherence and confidence in our work environment.

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Conferences reimagined

Lumin's innovative and flexible configuration adjusts the needs of standard traditional meeting rooms, through large portable booths that can accommodate four to eight people.

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Agile and accelerated, delivered.

Hockey is designed to support fluid workplace teaming and agile learning needs through a family of mobile elements from ganging desks to writable screens.

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In this image: Domain, Acuity

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