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Product description

A private and comfortable personal space

Lumin is a personal space in the collaborative area of a modern workplace. It is designed to provide a private area for people to focus on their personal tasks and communication by phones or video. Its open design by glass panels make it a good fit for any collaborative area. It has an excellent acoustics and ventilation system to make it a perfect personal space without any interference from the outside, allowing you to focus on your personal task in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Lounge - Comfort and Convenience

With its private and comfortable interiors, Lumin Lounge’s meeting space facilitates personal conversations and quick discussions for up to four people.

Meeting/ Lounge – Conferences reimagined

Lumin’s innovative and flexible configuration adjusts the needs of standard traditional meeting rooms, through large portable booths that can accommodate four to eight people. Forward-thinking design offers unlimited possibilities, with self-mounted high-quality audio and video, allowing for real-time video conferencing in an ever-evolving workplace world.


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Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Lumin